Iran Travel Guides

Treasury of Iran National Jewels: A Detailed Introduction of the World’s Most Precious Stones

The Treasury of Iran National Jewels is located in the highly secured basement of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, at the heart of the City of Tehran. If you’re travelling to Iran, Iran National Jewelry museum … Read More

How to travel the world corona safe after pandemic: Coronavirus travel safety Tips

While we’re writing this article about Coronavirus travel safety, it’s been almost a year corona virus is with us and the vaccination has begun in some countries from a week ago! All of us have experienced the ups and downs … Read More


How to be a responsible traveler in Iran

Travelling responsibly or being a responsible traveler, with its different aspects for every region, due to social and cultural diversity has gained more attention in the past years. In this article, we try to briefly mention the common tips for … Read More

Driving Through Iran: How to rent a car in Iran

Many travelers wish to explore a new country on their own terms despite some others who prefer to be laid back and enjoy a designed tour. This article is meant for those whom prefer to rent a car in Iran. … Read More

Road Trip in Iran: 5 top roads to drive in Iran

In the past years, there have been rising interests for Road Trips in Iran by nature lovers, cyclists and world travelers by car. Beside its well-known UNESCO heritage and other historical sites, Iran has a lot to offer when it … Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic Q&A: Everything travelers need to know

Starting this blog is difficult for us in Hi Tehran Hostels since we will miss you during this COVID-19 pandemic. But, as we all know: stay home, stay clean, don’t panic and stay positive. We love to see you in … Read More

Iran Travel Guide: Iran Trip FAQ

There are many factors interfering with travelers questions about Iran. Many Iran travelers come here with fixed perceptions as the result of Iran image in the mainstream media. Yet, some other, despite their up-to-date real information, cannot find the right … Read More

Is it safe to travel to Iran for tourists? Iran safety considerations

We’re writing this article about Iran safety exactly few days after President of U.S. Donald Trump(now, the former president!), threatened Iran to target 52 historical and cultural sites in Iran and assassinated General Soleymani the head of Quds army, and … Read More

A guide to Iran Currency: How to exchange money in Iran

One of the biggest challenges for Iran tourist’s after arrival is differing between Rials and Toman. And in general, using Iran’s official currency. The official currency is Iranian Rial (IRR) and all notes are printed in Iranian Rial. But in … Read More

Why Hi Tehran Hostels are going Green: Importance of an Eco-Friendly Hostel

Despite the awareness toward sustainability is increasing every day, Iran has been a little left behind. The truth is whatever industry you are in, environmental sustainability and social responsibility should be considered. Hospitality industry is no exception. Especially the rich … Read More

Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran (IKA)

Airports are the first encounter of a traveler when traveling to a new country. They can be the best first place to change or impact the perceptions and assumptions of a traveler with their design and services. Imam Khomeini International … Read More

The 38th Fajr International Festival 2020

Fajr International Festival is not only Iran’s but the middle east’s biggest annual film, theater and music festival held every year in Tehran since 1982. International creative art achievements are the main part of this event to celebrate and cherish … Read More

A Brief Guide for Phone registry in Iran (2021)

National plan of phone registry in Iran is being conducted from 2017, in order to reduce smuggling portable phones to Iran. According to this law, all of the working mobile phones in Iran should be registered to be able to … Read More