In the past years, there have been rising interests for Road Trips in Iran by nature lovers, cyclists and world travelers by car. Beside its well-known UNESCO heritage and other historical sites, Iran has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring its nature and driving through its impressive and dramatic scenery. Road trip in Iran, is the best way to visit Iran and its deserts, mountains, coastlines, and rivers. The diversity of natural attractions in Iran with its wide range temperature in different regions, present all of what an enthusiastic traveler needs. In this post, we have introduced 5 top roads to drive in details for those who are interested in the experience. If as a tourist or traveler you prefer to rent a safe, convenient and easy to rent car, email us at Hi Tehran Hostel to provide you the best and most practical options and renting companies.

1. Chalous Road (North of Iran)

Chosen by “BMW Magazine” as the world’s fourth most exciting driving path, Road 59, that is generally known as the Chalous Road, is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and have the most unique and pristine landscapes in Iran. This 113-kilometer popular beautiful road, where leads to the north of Iran and pass through woods, rocks, Caspian Sea side and all the way up to 4000-meter altitude heights of Alborz mountains, has stunning scenery and amazing views which have their own appeal in every season and makes it the best choice for a Road Trip in Iran. Chalous Road connects the provinces of Mazandaran, Alborz and Tehran. To reach this amazing road, you can enter the Yoush-Baladeh road after passing Karaj since the route starts from Karaj city in Alborz province, and connects to Chalous city in Mazandaran.

as the 4th most beautiful road in the world, Chalous road trip in the north of Iran is a must

Chalous road is one of the busiest in Iran during weekends and for holidays. Kandovan tunnel, built about 70 years ago, is one of the attractions of this road beside many Iranian style cafes, restaurants and tea houses along the road with spectacular views. If you intend to drive through Chalous road in winter, make sure your vehicle is proper and well equipped with chains and in general mind the most dangerous thing in Iran: Iranian driving!

2. Asalem-Khalkhal Road (North of Iran)

The main Asalem-Khalkhal road, which connects the provinces of Gilan and Ardabil, is about 70 kilometers long, is known among the people as the Iran ‘s dreamiest forest road. The roaring rivers will accompany you from the beginning of the route. Along the way, you will see flocks and herds of domestic animals such as cattle, sheep and horses, which have given a special feeling to the viewers. The good point of this choice is, among all the crowded parts of the north, this dreamy forest road in Iran has not attracted the attention of many people. So, this route is as peacefully as possible. There is a beautiful lake called Lake Neur on this route, and tourists can visit it during their road trip in Iran.

Asalem-Khalkhal road, in the north-west is a good choice for a Road Trip in Iran

If you intend to travel to Asalem from Tehran, you must enter the Fooman road through the Rasht road and through the cities of Manjil and Rudbar. After passing through the cities of Soomehsara and Punel, continue the route to Astara to reach the city of Asalem. This route is about 400 km in total.It is better to fill the car tank in Asalem or Khalkhal during your trip to this road, because there is no gas station 70 km from this route. Considering the geography of the region, make sure you have warm clothes for the night even during summer. Again, equip your car with chains and make sure the fog lights are working properly.

3. Heyran Pass (North-West of Iran)

Heyran Road (Heyran means agitated or mesmerized) is another spectacular route in the north of Iran that connects Gilan province to Ardabil with a length of 40 km and a cool choice for a Road Trip in Iran. Touristic Heyran village, Fandoghloo forest and the Tele-cabin of Heyran on the way, along the way make this path even more worthy to go. This region is perfect for hiking and climbing in Iran as well.

Heyran Pass is located on the way from Astara to Namin Ardabil. The distance from this road to Ardabil is 45 minutes. Its name might be due to its insane views. The amazing area overlooks the mountains covered with dense forests on the one hand and the valley on the other, which looks very deep due to the constant fog in the neck. Yet, the main reason for the almost permanent fog of Heeran Pass is the humidity of the Caspian Sea, not the high altitude of this pass. At the bottom of the valley, the Astarachai River passes, as the border of Gilan and Azerbaijan province.

Heyran pass in the north-west of Iran is a must drive if you’re in Tabriz

Make sure you have warm clothes with you since the weather in this region is cold and it can get to -30 during winter. So, the best seasons for a road trip in this pass are spring, summer and autumn.

4. Chabahar – Bris Coastal Road (South East of Iran)

The Chabahar-Bris coastal road is one of the most beautiful roads in the south of the country, which is located along the Oman Sea. This road starts from Chabahar, passes through Bris village and Eventually reaches Gwadar Bay. Along the way, on one side of the road, you will see rocks that have unique shapes due to water erosion, and on the other side, you will see the beautiful beaches of the Oman Sea.

Driving on this road will undoubtedly be a unique experience for you, because the Chabahar-Bris road is one of the great natural attractions in Iran and it has many extraordinary natural sites such as rocky shores, mud volcanoes, Lipar pink lake Lagoon, Chabahar Martian mountains, holly temple fig trees and, etc. Also, along the way, don’t miss the spectacular Ramin beach whit its crystal clear waters. If you’re a surfer, a diver or interested in budget snorkeling opportunities, this is the place to be for you. To explore the mysterious Baluchistan as a lifetime experience, you might be interested in reading more about Hi Tehran “Baluchistan Winter Tour”

If you’re after a different scenery, Baluchistan province is the place for you

Keep in mind that the cement quality of this route is not very acceptable and it does not have good lighting facilities. So, plan your trip early to reach your desired destination before dark and also consider the heat of the region. The only suggested season for this region is from late autumn to end of March. Make sure you carry enough bottled waters with you to prevent dehydration. The road is completely safe, yet we don’t suggest individual camping in the area.

5. Aras Jolfa border road (North-West of Iran)

Aras Jolfa border road, is one of the beautiful option in the northwest of Iran and along the Aras river for a Road Trip in Iran. This amazing road starts from Arasbaran region parallel to Aras river and ends in Jolfa. Along the way you can see dense forests and lush mountains on one side, and the Aras River and rural houses on the other. You can also easily see the houses located in the independent region of Nakhichevan in Armenia on this road, because their distance from you is only one river.

To drive this road from Tabriz to Jolfa (Don’t forget to visit the Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran), first take the exit of Marand and after passing by Shah Abbasi Caravanserai on the road leading to the exit of Marand, continue to Jolfa. You will have 135 kilometers to go or about an hour and a half to reach the entrance of Jolfa city.

Aras-Jolfa border road

This Road Trip in Iran is well known by travelers and mostly cyclists and bikers who pass the Armenia land border to enter Iran. Along the road, you can visit St. Stephen’s Church, one of the five churches listed in the Iran UNESCO World Heritage List, along with the churches of Qara Church or St. Thaddeus. You can also visit Holly Marry, and the shepherd church, Arasbaran heights and forests, ruined Mill Waterfall, Kardasht Castle, Babak Castle (the castle of Assassins) and Kolibar region. Make sure you have very warm clothes with you since the weather in this region is cold and it can get to -40 during winter. So, the best seasons for a road trip in this pass are spring, summer and autumn.

Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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