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Our Mission

Iran, as one of top destinations in recent years, has a natural competitive advantage in the global tourism industry. However, the potential of this competitive advantage has not been reached. Hi Tehran Hostel team aims to play its role in Iran’s thriving tourism industry by providing budget accommodation for backpackers and travelers from all over the world. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with exceptional and cost-efficient hostel accommodations, which make Tehran City feel like home. . Our team is on hand to ensure every traveler has a uniquely memorable stay and a fantastic Tehran experience

Meet Golnar and Habibeh

Here you can see the founders of HI Tehran Hostel

Habibeh Fathi

Habibeh Fathi

As a mother, my most joyful moments are those which I spend with my daughters. Meeting new people and places is the other part of life that completes this joy for me. What I dream for my historic country and its rich culture is to be seen and understood by the people around the world. I believe “Hi Tehran Hostel” can be one of the best opportunities to reach this agenda. Through this passionate welcoming context, my dream can come true. I feel so blessed just by thinking about the amazing people I’m going to meet and the awesome memories we’re going to share.

Golnar Zamani

Golnar Zamani

As an experience designer, I have always been eager to have new communications and interactions with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Founding Denj hostel in Tehran as my first experience in the travel and hospitality business, brought up the opportunity of meeting beautiful minded travelers. For me, Many of them are considered as friends and family now. By starting HI Tehran Hostel, I passionately look forward to vast these relations.

Meet HI Tehran Staff

Get to know the friendly and welcoming staff at HI Tehran Hostel! Meet our staff, who are ready to ensure a trouble-free stay in Tehran.

masoud Hi Tehran Staff


I am Masoud. I live in Tehran for 5 years now and thankfully it dropped me here in HI TEHRAN; a place which is a perfect match with what I want out of life. I’m from Bookan, a Kurdish city in northwestern Iran. I got my BSc of Computer Engineering in Isfahan University of Technology. Then I starts my graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence field in University of Tehran, but didn’t finish it. Because I realized the literature, writing and philosophy is what I enjoy the most, and soon enough it became my priority and made my try journalism and content managing. Right now, I enjoy working with HI TEHRAN TEAM. In this way, I see many cool, free spirited people with different backgrounds and yet, I have my free time to write something. Serious skin above the biggest golden heart beneath the surface, is my deal most of the tim.

Rashed Hi Tehran Staff


I am Rashed. A 27 years old from the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan. I had my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering in Isfahan University of Technology and then my masters in Metro mechanics in University of Tehran. I studied English language as a hobby when I was a teenager and then polished it through online media. I’m very and I mean very interested in football. Tracking football matches and also playing is one of my priorities in the spare time; other ones are books and movies I find working in HI TEHRAN HOSTEL very appealing, because I have the chance to see a lot of people from all over the world, to be familiar with a variety of experiences, beliefs, trends and ideas and make a dialogue out of them. One of my goals in the future is to travel as much as I can, to have a closer communication with different cultures.

Hi Tehran Staff


I am Misha. When I learned about the existence of HI TEHRAN Arena, I felt a massive rush of blood in my head. My pupils dilated as I imagined the challenges I could face. So, I longed to face opponents from the four corners of the world. No longer bound by the color of identity scrolls, I relished at talking adventurous travelers into buying things they didn’t need and visiting places they didn’t care for. I took every opportunity to point pilgrims at the direction of fancy taverns, scholars to mount Damavand, treasure hunters to bowling alleys, and most importantly, warriors to carwashes. With misled challengers, I remained the champion of HI TEHRAN Arena for ages. The dark day which HI TEHRAN Arena changed its name and function into HI TEHRAN HOSTEL, and moved to a comfortable place, I had to abandon all my prior crafts, deceit, cunning, trickery, were all deemed ‘inappropriate’ now. I had to be honest, nice, gentle, caring, fair, and worst of all, welcoming. I was a shadow of the deceiver I used to be. Scarred and vengeful, I await for my chance to pounce at the clueless adventurers and misleading them once again. But until the arena rises from ashes again, I’ll host normally, I promise

Hi Tehran Staff


I am Mohsen and I’m almost incapable of describing myself with the words; which I have absolutely no problem with it All I can say is that every time a guest, a traveler, a backpacker or better said, a potential future friend, reach HI TEHRAN HOSTEL, I can’t feel anything but pure pleasure. Direct interacting and connecting beyond emails, visa procedures, borders, and passports, is cherished for me, no matter what. My package as a professional animator, music lover, introverted person, and also a sense of humor digger, helps me to relate to cool free spirited travelers. And if it helps in any way, I am a total cat love.

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