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Our Mission

Iran, as one of top destinations in recent years, has a natural competitive advantage in the global tourism industry. However, the potential of this competitive advantage has not been reached. Hi Tehran Hostel team aims to play its role in Iran’s thriving tourism industry by providing budget accommodation for backpackers and travelers from all over the world. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with exceptional and cost-efficient hostel accommodations, which make Tehran City feel like home. . Our team is on hand to ensure every traveler has a uniquely memorable stay and a fantastic Tehran experience

Meet Golnar and Habibeh

Here you can see the founders of HI Tehran Hostel

Golnar Zamani

Golnar Zamani

Founder & Content Manager

As an entrepreneur and user experience designer, I have always been passionate in participating in interactive teams and businesses to be able to conduct my experience in developing viable contexts. Coming from a managerial background, I have tried to use my innovation strategy managing skills in a vast range of businesses from food Industry to leisure to fashion and also local sustainable startups. As the first female hostel founder in Iran and also my first experience in the travel and hospitality business, founding Denj hostel in Tehran, brought up the opportunity of meeting beautiful minded travelers and getting inspired by them to develop Hi Tehran Team as a frontier in providing trustable professional tourism services. As an interest and duty, I take value-creation very seriously in HI Tehran Hostels.

Habibeh Fathi

Habibeh Fathi


As a mother, my most joyful moments are those which I spend with my daughters. Meeting new people and places is the other part of life that completes this joy for me. What I dream for my historic country and its rich culture is to be seen and understood by the people around the world. I believe “Hi Tehran Hostel” can be one of the best opportunities to reach this agenda. Through this passionate welcoming context, my dream can come true. I feel so blessed just by thinking about the amazing people I’m going to meet and the awesome memories we’re going to share.

Meet HI Tehran Team Members

Get to know the friendly and welcoming team members at HI Tehran Hostel! Meet our staff, who are ready to ensure a trouble-free stay in Tehran.



Web Developer

I am the web developer at HI TEHRAN HOSTEL. One of my main passions is to learn about different digital operations and applying them to Hi Tehran’s success. My skills are mostly rooted in analysis, strategy, problem solving and mobilizing parties involved in the objectives accomplishment.

In addition to my web development activities and Search Engine Optimization abilities, participating in the Digital Marketing criteria along with the HI TEHRAN TEAM, have maximized my experience in this field. Associating as digital market director and monitoring the trends and mainstreams are also some parts of my associations in HI TEHRAN.
I grew up in Isfahan and moved to Tehran to attend Electrical Eng. Dept. at KNTU. When I’m not at HI TEHRAN, I can be found behind my camera practicing my photography, trekking in the nature or exploring city sites. And one thing for sure, all of my activities as a professional web developer, can’t interfere with my love for watching movies, traveling and enjoying friends’ companionship.

Amir Hosein

Team Member

I am Amir Hosein. As a 26 years old I think there is just one path to find out who am I inside and that is My choices and preferences. I got my bsc of Civil engineering and then I started my master studies in MBA field in Sharif University of Technology but I choosed not to finish it. Because I realized that I am more concerned with human nature than economical and competitive mental conflicts and that way I choosed to to express my feelings and impressions by photography and filmmaking. I just want to get things that blur all the other things I’ve lost in my life. In HI TEHRAN HOSTEL I can communicate and make friendship with many cool and travel lover people from all over the world with variety of cultures and experiences and stories. See with your heart and Say with your mind; that’s the Way.

Rashed Hi Tehran Staff


Executive Manager

I am Rashed. A 27 years old from the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan. I had my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering in Isfahan University of Technology and then my masters in Metro mechanics in University of Tehran. I studied English language as a hobby when I was a teenager and then polished it through online media. I’m very and I mean very interested in football. Tracking football matches and also playing is one of my priorities in the spare time; other ones are books and movies I find working in HI TEHRAN HOSTEL very appealing, because I have the chance to see a lot of people from all over the world, to be familiar with a variety of experiences, beliefs, trends and ideas and make a dialogue out of them. One of my goals in the future is to travel as much as I can, to have a closer communication with different cultures.



I am Mousa. Migrated to Iran 37 years ago from Afghanistan. I have done different jobs since then, but mostly in agriculture and Animal husbandry section. I love to learn to speak different languages. That’s why after working in Hi Tehran Hostel I have started to learn some basic functional words and phrases in English, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Pashto. I have four kids. One of them lives in Germany and I wish I can take my whole family to live in Europe one day.

shadi hi tehran hostel team


Team Member

I love to travel. And that’s why I chose to study environmental science at university and spent a lot of time in nature as an environmentalist and tried to protect wildlife and reduce human/wildlife conflicts. Recently I joined HI Tehran Hostel team, trying to host travelers from all over the world. There is nothing I love more than traveling, to discover a new culture or nature or meet new people.
Here at HI Tehran Hostel, I meet new people with new and interesting stories with amazing and sometimes insane experiences. And it feels like I’m traveling with and through every single guest. So I’m really grateful for having this experience with all of you.



Team Member

“It takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers. And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
I’m Fahimeh . you can call me Poomi. I’m 21 years old girl who wants to live,love and learn.



Team Member

Hi! My name is Mostafa. I’m 28 and I live in Tehran which is the capital of Iran. Actually I come from another province – Hamadan, where I lived for 18 years, but ten years ago, i moved to Tehran to continued my studies in university. I studied mechanical engineering Msc. in Iran university of science and technology.
I’m interested in movies, music and literature.I find working in HI TEHRAN HOSTEL very appealing, because you know we travel to see people, nature, places and i think visiting people is the most important thing in traveling, so I have the chance to see a lot of people from all over the world, to be familiar with a variety of experiences, beliefs, trends and ideas and make a dialogue out of them, kind of experiencing “travel around the world”!
And also the team working here are so young and fresh and of course friendly.



Team Member

I am Khodabakhsh from Daykundi province near Kabul in Afghanistan. We immigrated to Iran 38 years ago and started to work in Mashhad in the first few years. I had to move to different cities in all those years. I went back to Kabul in 2004 with my family, hoping we could stay there and start a new life. But the unstable situation forced us to come back to Iran again and settle in Tehran. I have three sons and my biggest wish is for Afghanistan to get back on track, so I can live in my own country.

Farbod, hi tehran hostel staff


Team Member

I am Farbod. A semi pro hiker whose in love with nature, music and cinema. Any sportif activity which makes my mind and spirit free suits me well. I enjoy meeting new people with different backgrounds who have a story to tell or a culture to share. That’s why I’m in this team. I like to pass my energy and positive mood to people around me and luckily make them feel the same.

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