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Iran, as one of top destinations in recent years after the nuclear deal, has a natural competitive advantage in the global tourism industry. However, the potential of this competitive advantage has not been reached. Hi Tehran Hostel team aims to play its role in Iran’s thriving tourism industry by providing socio-cultural experiences and budget accommodation for backpackers and travelers from all over the world. We're proud of ourselves for providing our guests with exceptional yet cost-efficient hostel accommodations and touristic services, which make Tehran City feel like home. Our team is on hand to ensure every traveler has a uniquely memorable stay and a fantastic Tehran experience


In both of Hi Tehran Hostel branches we try our best to improve ourselves by being an Eco-Friendly Hostel. Going green environmentally and acting socially responsible as a multi-ethnic team: We use garden’s fruit trees & organic products for the breakfast table; sharing extra food; switch bulb lights to LED; using automatic Turn off lights; reusing pond’s water for plants or washing the ground; using online booking system; double-paned windows or recycled glasses in the building; providing high-quality downloadable metro / city / touristic map on the website and walls; washing & reusing linens; providing common cotton shopping bags; offering services / discounts for bikers & hikers; separate bins for wet / dry wastes, providing only ceramic & glass cups; using refillable washing liquids dispensers; buying local to support local community, local art crafts as the main decoration; board and collective games instead of TV in each room; Eco-friendly air conditioners; providing free water cooler machine; … and we ask our dear guests to kindly help us through this process. And we encourage other hostels to follow our steps in this important process. Read more here


first female hostel founders of Iran

As the first EVER female hostel founders of Iran and one of the pioneers in this section, we set out to change perceptions about Iran and get more travelers excited about exploring our fascinating country. We knew there were and still are many misunderstandings about Iran as the result of politics and media. As avid travelers, we believe there’s nothing better than direct interactions to change a wrong judgement. We're proud to have the trust of many travelers through our reputation, honesty and quality experiences we provide for Iran travelers. Read more about our journey HERE.

Golnar Zamani

Founder & Service designer
Coming from a managerial background and being an user experience designer, I have always been passionate in participating in interactive teams to be able to conduct my experience in developing viable contexts. I have tried to use my innovation strategy managing skills in a vast range of businesses from food Industry to leisure to fashion and also local sustainable startups. As the first female hostel founder in Iran, and also my first experience in the travel and hospitality business, I co-founded Denj hostel in Tehran in 2014. Soon after, we started Hi Tehran Hostel as a frontier business in providing trustworthy professional tourism services. As an interest and duty, I take honesty and responsibility very seriously in HI Tehran Hostels and through content providing and strategist of Hi Tehran website, I try to create value for all Iran Travelers.

Habibeh Fathi

Founder & Manager
Despite working in different fields; Agriculture, Civil engineering, Urban planning and management, I’ve been keen on the tourism industry. In addition to that, being an entrepreneur was always my vision and ambition. These agendas brought me to the point of co-founding HI Tehran Hostels. For me, the passion I feel toward my work which helps me to be recalcitrant through hard days, is way more important than the other aspects. Managing a team as a woman and at the same time as a mother is work through when a combination of spirit and determination takes the reins.


Travelling responsibly or being a responsible traveler, with its different aspects for every region, due to social and cultural diversity has gained more attention in the past years. Read about common tips for being a responsible traveler in Iran and focus more on the Iran tourism demands from a traveler to be more sustainable and responsible in its local context. We humbley have some requests from you as a traveler when it comes to cultural and economic impacts, if traveling Iran is in your bucket list.

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