Chapaker Traditional Guest House

Varzaneh is an ancient central Iranian desert town in Isfahan province, 1.5 hour away from Isfahan city by bus, still showing evidence of its 5000 year old civilization. Chapaker Traditional Guest House is a traditional mud-brick courtyard guest house , with private bathrooms, toilets and WiFi. A bed in dormitory section and private rooms can be reserved with IRR350,000 (only €8, or USD10) up to IRR500,000 (only €12, or USD15). Reservation via e-mail or text will get you confirmation by return. You can ask any of the friendly staff, who speak English, French and Persian, With 10 years of experience in photography and geology And wetlands hero in 2008 for home-made food made by Varzaneh Housewives.

Varzaneh Tours

Mountain climbing

Mount Ergesht is located in the northeast of Varzaneh, on the road to Nain, 15km away from Varzaneh town. Mount Ergesht is 2000m high. There is no bus dedicated for going to this mountain. Taking a taxi is probably the best option. (See Climbing Damavand Tour | Damavand Trekking tour if you are interested in Trekking Iran.)

Varzaneh Desert entertainments and sports

Varzaneh desert is great place for camel-riding, horse-riding, paragliding, safari, motorcycling, parachuting, quad, camping and sand-boarding in Iran. You may find relevant photos at the bottom of the page. Equipment devices for these sports and entertainments can be found in local clubs and tourist camps, hostel and hotels, in Varzaneh and around the desert. In particular, sandboarding has got very popular due to the fact that Varzaneh dunes are really high and mostly steep, comparing to other sand dune deserts in Iran.

Observing sky

If you pass 3 or 4 hills inside the desert, where you are safe from any light-pollution, from Varzaneh town, you would truly enjoy a glorious sky. It you go in a suitable time there, ie when it is not cloudy and moonshine is at a minimum, then you would not need a telescope to recognize many classic objects in sky. In this situation, you will be finding the Milky Way easily, even without a telescope

 Contact Chapaker Guesthouse in Varzaneh

Address: Chapaker Guesthouse, No.53 , Chapaker Neighbourhood ,Varzaneh ,Esfahan ,Iran

  • tel:+98-31-45895622
  • telegram:
  • Website:


  1. Agnieszka

    Salam, I would like to ask Are there room available for 23 and 24 September in Chapaker Guest House Verzaneh? Is dorm 8 euro and single room 12? How much are the trips to the desert?

  2. Chou I Chun

    Hi, We’re interested about the one day tour of Varzaneh desert and salt lake.We’ll set out from Isfahan.Could you tell me the detail and the price? Thanks a lot. Best wishes

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