Hostel in Shiraz, Taha Hostel

Taha traditional house (Taha Hostel) is located in a historical context Shiraz, Historic Black Rock neighborhood, With cobblestone streets and palm trees. It located center of Shiraz and near to historical building of Shiraz. any body can go on foot … Read More

Chapaker Guesthouse in Varzaneh

Chapaker Guesthouse in Varzaneh | Varzaneh Hostel

Chapaker Traditional Guest House is a traditional mud-brick courtyard guest house, with private bathrooms, toilets and WiFi. A bed in dormitory section and private rooms can be reserved with IRR350,000 (only €8, or USD10) up to IRR500,000 (only €12, or … Read More

Green House Hostel in Kashan

Green House Hostel in Kashan, Kashan Hostel

Just like all ancient Iranian cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, etc. Kashan boasts great Persian architecture and many Iran travel blogs recommend travelling to this city and staying there for at least two nights. Now, this introduction on Green House Hostel in Kashan is being written in Feb 2017, and it was around two years ago that … Read More

Nazari Hostel in Kandovan

Nazari Hostel in Kandovan, Kandovan Hostel

There are so many backpackers looking for Cheap accommodation in Kandovan, And Due to high prices at Laleh Rocky Hotel, many travelers drop kandovan from their itinerary. Nazari Hostel (Home Stay) owned by Reza Nazari is a perfect choice for … Read More

Silk Road Hotel, Hostel in Yazd

Silk Road Hotel is a beautifully restored traditional house located in the historical center of Yazd (Iran). Just 100 meters away from the 13th century Jame Mosque with its splendid minarets. On the building rooftop you will be amazed by … Read More