Tehran Metro System

The metro system is the fastest, easiest and the most efficient kind of transportation in Tehran (Also if you are not a fan of publi transportation you can try Snapp which is Iranian version of Uber, read more about Snapp here). To be able to escape the famous awful traffic of Tehran makes it OK to bare the pressure in the metro during rush hours. Fortunately, Tehran metro line is not one of the complicated ones and therefore, you will find it easy to use. The Tehran metro currently has eight operating lines. Two of them are extension lines to the others. The trains mainly operate between 5.30 AM-10.30 PM. Here is some basic information about Tehran metro system:

Tehran Metro Map

  Download  Tehran Metro map Android version

 Download Tehran Metro Map ios app

 Download TEHRAN METRO MAP 2020 PDF Version 

 Download TEHRAN METRO MAP 2020 JPG Version

 Download TEHRAN  METRO Map, Sightseeing metro map for tourists 2020

How to Get Tehran Metro Tickets

After entering the metro station, you will reach the main hall which different passage gates are branched from it. You will find two windows or sections at the ticket selling Kiosk. One of them in paper one-way or two-way tickets. The other one sells ticket electronic cards or chips (easy pay/ EZ Pay). At Hi Tehran Hostel we provide our guests with electronic cards to use for paying metro tickets during their stay in Tehran

: If you’re planning to stay in Tehran for 2-3 days, go for the card/chip. At the moment the card itself is 50000 Rials . Then you have to charge it at the same window. For 2 days, 150000 Rials credit would be sufficient. By purchasing the card instead of paper tickets you will noticeably save your time every time you enter the metro station and also they are the only kind of payment which are acceptable for the urban buses now.

NOTE: You can NOT use the same metro card for 2 persons at the same time in the metro. But it’s possible for use it several times at the same time for the buses in Tehran.

Tehran Metro Ticket Prices

  • Paper ticket price for the inside city trip: 12000 Rials
  • Paper ticket price for Tehran suburbs trips: 10000 Rials
  • IKIA Metro Station Trip to Shahed Station: 90000 Rials (since the airport is 30km away from Tehran, ticket prices from IKIA are considerably more expensive)
Imam Khomeini Airport metro station ticket


Tehran metro ticket for the inside city trips

How To Get Inside The Train

The most important note here is to be patient and at the same time don’t wait for the others to let you in or out! Unfortunately you have to be pushy a little bit or you will lose your train or stop. Waiting for the passengers to get off before the new ones getting in is not still well absorbed by the common culture. And also, don’t expect to find a seat even if it’s not the rush hour.

Tip: If you’re in a special health condition or in case of any problem, just proceed to someone whose seating and point out the seat. People will understand it and offer it to you.

If you’re a female solo traveler, you may find the “only women” carriages at the each end of train, less crowded and more relaxed. But don’t worry about getting into the mixed sections at all. Don’t lose the train just because you can’t reach that section. It’s completely and totally fine! After arriving to Iran, you will notice that the “personal zone” in Iran is a little bit tighter and if someone stands closer to you that you are used to, it’s not necessary a violation act. The term of “Privacy” has a whole different meaning in the common culture in every aspect of it. Yet, if you were uncomfortable with someone too pushy inside the metro, trust your feelings and ask them to stand away. Use your hands or face movement and gesture.

Women Only sign in Tehran metro stations

What To Expect Inside The Train

While in the train, many peddlers and sellers will approach you to sell their goods. And unfortunately mostly kids. Sometimes they will hold on to you and insist for selling something. Just keep calm, watch for your belongings and keep telling them NO.

Usually there are simplified metro maps installed above the doors inside the train. Keep your eyes on them and track the stations, to make sure where you are. Don’t be shy and ask people to inform when you have to get off by pointing them your destination stop.

It’s better to stand in the middle of train or isles since they are less crowded than doors zone. But remember to approach close to doors before getting to your stip. Otherwise, there’s a high chance you won’t succeed on getting off by time and you will lose your stop. If there are too many people ahead of you and you can’t proceed to the doors, try to shout “Bebakhshid” and push at the same time! Bebakhshid means “excuse me”. Then you will have your way to pass 🙂

Important Tips

  1. If you’re in Tehran for more than 2 days, it’s better to get a metro electronic card. You can buy them from most of the stations.
  2. You don’t have to check your card out when coming out of the metro station. But if you care to swipe it at the exit, your card will be charged just according to your travel zone and not the whole price which is basically nothing. So, don’t bother yourself if it’s crowded;
  3. You can use one Metro card for several people at a gate, but it’s not possible to use it several times at once for the busses. So, in the most cases one metro card is enough;
  4. You can also buy just one-way or two-ways tickets for 10.000-20.000 Rials;
  5. The most useful and practical Metro lines are line 1(red line) and line 4(yellow line). So, it’s better to have your Hotel/Hostels near these lines. The Imam Khomeini & Darvazeh Dolat stations are also the main connecting stations;
  6. Metro rush hours are between 7-9 AM and also 5-7 PM. If you’re not a patient or tolerant person when it comes to get squeezed, stay away from the metro during these hours. Believe us, you will be like sardines in a can;
  7. With the English signs in all of the metro stops and stations, you probably won’t have much problem in finding your stop or way around. There are metro maps on the walls like everywhere else and you can also ask for one from the information desk. Besides those options, downloading the Tehran metro app is the best and easiest way. You can download the Android and IOS versions here;
  8. If you’re wondering about the men and women sections in the metro, all you have to know is that the two sections at the front and the end of the train are women only. But the other parts of the train are public (and not men only). If you’re a couple it’s better to use the public parts and stay together to not loose each other in the crowd;
  9. Ask from people to inform you near your destination stop. They will help gladly.
All Trains in Tehran metro network are air conditioned

Tehran Metro Lines

If you want to have a quick look at the lines and the most important stops and working hours, we have provided a short informative list for you. Here are the lines:

Line 1 (red line) or Tehran’s main line is the most functional line, which connects the north of Tehran (Tajrish square) to the south (Kahrizak). It’s the busiest line since it passes through the heart of the city and has critical stations both for locals and tourists.

Operating Hours in weekdays: 5.30 AM-10.30 PM

Operating Hours in weekdays: 6.00 AM-10.15 PM

Here are line 1 most important stations and their main descriptions:

  • Start/End: Tajrish: : Nearest metro station to the Tajrish traditional Bazaar, Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine, Darband, Saadabad Royal Palace, Tochal mountains and the beginning of Vali-e Asr Street.
  • Shahid Haghani: Nearest metro station to the Tabiat Bridge, Ab-o-Atash Park, Taleghani Park
  • Shohadaye Haft-e-Tir: Nearest metro station to the HI TEHRAN HOSTEL I (Bahar Shomali St. branch)
  • Taleghani: Nearest metro station to the Artists Park and Former US embassy
  • Darvazeh Dolat: The station which connects LINE 1 & LINE 4 (the second practical line).
  • Imam Khomeini: The most main connecting station; the nearest metro station to the National Museum of Iran, Post Museum, Jewelry Museum, Glassware and Ceramics Museum and 30-Tir Street.
  • Panzdah-e Khordad: The nearest metro station to the Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace.
  • Terminal-Jonoob: The nearest metro station to the south bus Terminal .
  • Shahed: This is the stop for changing the line toward Imam Khomeini Airport.
  • End/Start: Kahrizak

Line 2 (dark blue line), as a cross to line 1, connects the east of Tehran (Farhangsara) to its west (Sadeghyeh) and mainly is important for employees. The  Line 5 (green line) , is an extend of line 2 and it’s very important for the employees coming from Karaj to Tehran daily and also for the football lovers who want to enjoy national or international football matches in the Azadi sport complex with the capacity of 120.000 seats.

Operating Hours in weekdays: 5.30 AM-10.30 PM

Operating Hours in weekdays: 6.00 AM-10.15 PM

Here are line 2 & 5 most important stations and their main descriptions:

  • Start/End: Farhangsara
  • Danesghah Elm-o-Sanaat: The nearest metro station to the Science and Technology University
  • Baharestan: The nearest metro station to the Iran’s parliament building and Masoudieh Palace
  • Imam Khomeini: The most main connecting station; the nearest metro station to the National Museum of Iran, Post Museum, Jewelry Museum, Glassware and Ceramics Museum and 30-Tir Street.
  • Hasan Abad: The nearest metro station to the Moghadam Museum;
  • End/Start: Tehrana(Sadeghyeh)
  • Extend line: Eram-e Sabz: The nearest metro station to the Ekbatan residential and its youth nightlife;
  • Varzeshghah Azadi: The nearest metro station to the Azadi Sport Complex;
  • Chitgar: The nearest metro station to the Chitgar lake and its international food courts

Line 3 (light blue line), as a cross to line 1, connects the North-East of Tehran to its south. This line is very important because the railway station is located in it. As the only railway station in Tehran, most of the tourists and travelers need it for their trip to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman or Mashhad.

Operating Hours in weekdays: 5.30 AM-10.30 PM

Operating Hours in weekdays: 6.15 AM-10.00 PM

Here are the line 3 most important stations and their main descriptions:

  • Start/End: Qaem
  • Nyavaran: The nearest metro station to the Niavaran Palace
  • Meydan Vali Asr: The nearest metro station to the very middle of Vali-e-Asr Street as the of the longest streets in the middle east (18 Km) from the north of Tehran to the south. The area is live due to the many nearby universities;
  • Theater-e-Shahr: The nearest metro station to the Theatre Shahr(The main city theater hall), Daneshjoo (student) Park, and the conjunction of two most important streets of Tehran (Vali-e-Asr and Enghelab). The neighborhood is alive and you can find many cafes and restaurants due to the many nearby universities;
  • Rah Ahan: The nearest metro station to the Railway Station in the south of Tehran. Which will connect you to many if Iran’s top destinations.
  • End/Start: Azadegan

Line 4 (yellow line) is the line which also connects the east to the west. The stops in this line is critical to the travelers and tourists as they include, Tehran’s money exchange center, sightseeing and domestic airport terminals.

Operating Hours in weekdays: 5.30 AM-10.30 PM

Operating Hours in weekdays: 6.15 AM-10.00 PM

Here are the line 4 most important stations and their main descriptions:

  • Start/End: Shahid Kolahdooz
  • Ferdowsi: The nearest metro station to the Exchange Shops and Hi Tehran Hostel II (Enghelab St. branch);
  • Theatr-e-Shahr: The nearest metro station to the main City Theater Hall and Daneshjoo Park which usually is a spot for students gathering in the evening and street art performances;
  • Meydane Azadi: The nearest metro station to the Azadi Tower which is one of the icons of Tehran and also, West Bus Terminal which provides busses frequently to the most of the destinations in Iran;
  • Mehrabad Domestic Airport; Terminal 1 & 2: The nearest metro station to the Iran Air airline;
  • Mehrabad Domestic Airport; Terminal 3 & 4: The nearest metro station to the Aseman and Mahan airlines.

Line 7 (Purple Line), is simply what you might won’t need at all. It’s more functional for connecting north-west of Tehran to its south-east and it’s more important because of some colonized populated neighborhoods on its way which can use this line.

 Operating Hours in weekdays: 6.00 AM-10.30 PM

Operating Hours in weekdays: 6.30 AM-10.00 PM

Here are the line 7 start and end stations:

  • Start/End: Yadegar-e-Emam
  • End/Start: Takhti Stadium
Imam Khomeini Airport Metro Station, IKIA Station

Imam Khomeini Airport Metro

Currently, the Imam Khomeini Airport metro works every day from 6:10 AM – 7:10 PM. The operating hours are limited at the moment, but it will probably change in the close future. The trains are not that frequent yet and there’s 1 every 80 minutes after 3 PM! For using Tehran Airport Metro line, you have to go to “Shahed” station at the almost end of line 1, and then change your train toward the IKIA destination. The entrance will be in front of Terminal A at the airport. The price of a ticket to Shahed station is 90000 Rials (9000 Tomans) and from Shahed station to other stations is 12000 Rials.

Imam Khomeini Airport Metro Station Trains Schedule

Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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  1. Tony

    I will arriving after 10pm, so I think there will be no metro. How much is the cost for taking a taxi?

    • HI Tehran Hostel

      Dear Tony. An official taxi from airport depending on the car type and also the number of people (van) , vary from 10 $ to 20 $ at this moment (exchange rates are very unstable in Iran). In any case, prevent to get private cars from the airport. They might sound cheaper at first, but usually you will end up paying more or not exactly at your requested destination.

  2. Tif

    so the last train from Shahed to the airport is 730pm?Is this current schedule?

    • HI Tehran Hostel

      Hi IKIA metro station works from 6:50 AM – 8:10 PM. And trains departs from this station every 80 mins.

  3. Taimoor Shehzad

    I will arrive in the 2nd week of February, 2019 through bus from Istanbul to Tehran , which is the easy transport to get for Hi hostel 1 near Haft – e – Tir metro station. Thanks

    • HI Tehran Hostel

      Dear Taimoor, it depends on which bus terminal you will arrive. If South bus terminal, there’s a station just inside the terminal which is on the same line as HiTehranHostel NO.1 (red line/line 1). And if West Terminal, you have to use Meydan-e Azadi station on the yellow line and then change to the red line at Darvazeh Dowlat station.

  4. Bob

    Are all trains, including the oldest trains on Line 1 air conditioned? And are the stations are conditioned?

    • HI Tehran Hostel

      Dear Bob, All the stations are air conditioned but during hot summer days, air conditioning systems does not work well in stations. Also all old trains and new trains are air conditioned and there are old and new trains in all lines, so if you encountered with an old train you can wait for the next train which have better air conditioning system.

  5. Calator Roman

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this subject for a
    while and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far.
    However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive in regards
    to the supply?- calator.tel

    • eva

      ´Hi all! Anybody knows at what time is the first train leaving from the airport ? We are arrivin at 4 in the morning in the airport.

  6. eva

    ´Hi all! Anybody knows at what time is the first train leaving from the airport ? We are arrivin at 4 in the morning in the airport.

  7. Syed Ali

    I am reaching Tehran on 6 March 2020 early morning around 2.00 am.
    1. Can I stay at Tehran Airport till 6.00 am to catch Metro to go to the Bus Terminal to catch bus for Qom ?
    2. Which bus terminal I will need to go to catch bus for Qom?

    • HI Tehran Hostel

      Dear Syed, Of course it will be possible but to wait in the airport. And for going to Qom, you have to take the metro to the South Terminal (Terminal-e Jonoob) station. There are plenty of buses from the south terminal to Qom, Kashan and Isfahan.

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