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Moghaddam Museum is one of the historical monuments from the Qajar period, which is highly valuable in terms of history, architecture, and objects stored in it. The museum is located in Imam Khomeini Street near Hasan Abad square. If you plan to use Tehran Metro to get there, Hasan Abad station is the nearest one. The museum atmosphere and spirit is a total paradox comparing to the neighborhood it’s located in.

Moghaddam Museum

All the surroundings and buildings around it have typical architecture and are relatively new, but as soon as you reach the entrance of the museum, everything change. The first things that will catch your attention, are beautiful ponds, lots of magnificent geranium and the use of sharp Persian type colors like turquoise, blue and purple.

moghaddam museum in iran

Iranian architectural principles of a Persian garden in this mansion is one of the kind. The residency used to be the house of Mohammad Taqi Khan Ehtesab-al Molk, one of the most famous members of Qajar court. Years later, Dr. Mohsen Moghaddam, a professor of archeology at Tehran University and his French wife Selma, bought the house. The couple who appreciated historical and artistic arts and crafts of Iran began collecting valuable artifacts from around the country and exhibited them in their property.

front yard of moghaddam museum
Front yard of Moghadam Museum is like a garden full of flowers

In the west part of the mansion, the main section (tower) is located, which had been mastered by professor Moghaddam and one of his students at the Faculty of Fine Arts, doctor Abolqasemi, in 1966. The building is decorated with tiles from the Qajar era and parts of Iranian arts and crafts have been exhibited in it.

Architecture in Moghadam Museum

If you are tired of Tehran’s crowd and wish for some Persian style serenity, this hidden paradise would defiantly fit your purpose.

Moghaddam Museum on Map

Address: Imam Khomeini street, between Sheikh hadi and Vali-asr street
Opening hours: From 9 A.M to 4 P.M ( closed at Fridays and national holidays)
Contact Number: 02166480081

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