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بدلیل مشکلات پیش امده برای اسنپ لینک های این صفحه  کار نمی کنند، به محض اینکه آپدیت جدید اسنپ منتشر شود در داخل وب سایت لینک های جدید منتشر می شود.

Snapp (Iranian Uber)

There is Iranian equivalent for Uber, It’s called Snapp. Snapp is an on-demand car service that allows you to request private drivers through Snapp applications for ios and Android devices. It was  Available on Apple Store and Google Play but they removed it from their app store due to sanctions on Iran and you need to download it manually. All you need is a local Sim-card because Snapp needs your mobile number for confirmation.

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How to Use Snapp

Getting a driver: Put location marker on your desired pick-up location and tap on marker.

Snapp Pick Up location
Choosing Snapp Pick Up location

Choose Destination on map and select your service. Snapp offers different options:

  • Snapp Eco: most affordable driver options.
  • Snapp Plus: drivers with more modern cars.
  • Snapp Female: Female drivers
  • Snapp box: Snapp bikes for sending your deliveries.
  • Snapp Passenger: This option is for asking bikes to take you to your destination. This option is not recommended but it is good if you re in hurry and it is rush hours and you may get stuck in traffic.
Snapp services
Snapp offers different services

Payment Methods on Snapp

Snapp works the same as Uber…book,get confirmation of cost,accept and wait. Pay the cash at end of the trip and it’s cheaper than normal yellow cabs.

Download Snapp For Android

27 Feb 2019 UPDATE (Snapp Stopped Working on ios)

Due to US Sanctions most Iranian apps  stopped working on ios from 27 Feb 2019. We will update this post soon after the problem has been solved. in the mean time you can use Snapp and take a cab from your browsers. Use the link below and login to your Snapp account.

Snapp Web App link:

Download Snapp For iOS

Hint: This link must be opened from your Iphone and does not work in other envirmoments like Windows and Android.

Leave us a comment if the link does not work so that we update it soon

How to Install Snapp on ios?

1-click here to start download. (This link must be opened from your Iphone and does not work in other envirmoments like Windows and Android.)

Click open and then install.

snapp ios install

2- Open phone settings , Open “General”, scroll down to “Profile & Device Managment”.

snapp ios install

snapp ios install

3- Select “Desert Internet Services FZE”.

snapp ios install

4- Select “Desert Internet Services FZE”. and then Trust. That’s it. Restart Snapp and use the app. 🙂

snapp ios install

Cities that Snapp is Active

Snapp is working in some cities and planned to expand its services to whole country. here is a list of cities that snapp is active and people can ask for a ride.

  • Arak
  • Urmia
  • Isfahan and Suburbs (Najaf Abad, Fuladshahr, Shahin Shahr)
  • Ahwaz
  • Babol
  • Bandar Abbas
  • Tabriz and suburbs
  • Tehran and suburbs
  • Rasht and suburbs
  • Sari and suburbs
  • Shiraz and suburbs
  • Qaem Shahr
  • Qazvin
  • Qom
  • Karaj and Suburb
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Yazd
  • Neyshaboor
  • Gorgan
  • Ardebil
  • Hamedan
  • Bushehr
  • ShahreKord
  • Dezul
  • Boroujerd
  • Yasuj

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  1. Erik

    How can I change Snapp language from Persian to English?

    • HI Tehran Hostel

      Dear Erik, you have to use the menu bar on the up right of the program (3 lines), then choose the setting icon (تنظیمات) and simply find the other languages on the program.

  2. Mohammad Almosawi

    If I don’t have an Iranian mobile number, what shall I do?

  3. Yasar

    Can you change the language in the web version (now the app is blocked on IOS)?

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