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Snapp download For android

Snapp download for android

Download Snapp For IOS

How to install Snapp on ios

  1. after downloading snapp from the above see, you will see this message:Untrusted Enterprise Developersnapp app ios installation guideto solve this issue go to Settings > General > Device Managementsnapp app ios installation guide snapp downloadSelect Desert Internet ServicesFZEsnapp download iran installation iosSelect Trust iPhone Distribution Desert Internet Services FZE. and DONE!

Restart Snapp and use the app.

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Cities that Snapp is active

Snapp is working in some cities and planned to expand its services to whole country. here is a list of cities that snapp is active and people can ask for a ride.

  • Arak
  • Urmia
  • Isfahan and Suburbs (Najaf Abad, Fuladshahr, Shahin Shahr)
  • Ahwaz
  • Babol
  • Bandar Abbas
  • Tabriz and suburbs
  • Tehran and suburbs
  • Rasht and suburbs
  • Sari and suburbs
  • Shiraz and suburbs
  • Qaem Shahr
  • Qazvin
  • Qom
  • Karaj and Suburb
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Yazd

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