One of the best ways of understanding a new culture is to interact with the folks in their everyday life. Bazaars are the best places for such interactions. You can hear it from most of tourists who travel Iran frequently, one of their main reasons is missing folks of Iran! You can find the most fascinating old historical bazaars and traditional markets of the world in Iran. These bazaars are the commercial and cultural heart of every city; In addition to finding Iranian souvenirs, you will be introduced to the lifestyle of the largest communities in each city. The golden era of Traditional bazaars and markets in Iran is during the Safavid dynasty. Here are the top 7 historical markets in Iran:

Isfahan Qeysarieh Bazaar

At the north part of Nghshe-e Jahan Square, there is the entrance of Qeysarieh which is one of the main and magnificent entrances of Isfahan Bazaar! Unique tiling, beautiful architecture, traditional cafes and mastered handicrafts like handwoven Persian carpets and detailed copper and glass handicrafts will blow your mind.

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Yazd Old Bazaar

Traveling to the city of fire and sun, the city of windbreaks, you certainly have to taste its sweets, look at handicrafts and experience its old bazaar and neighborhood. Yazd as the first brick city in the world is one of the UNESCO registered cities in Iran. The traditional bazaar in this city includes several different bazaars, which include the gold bazaar(Golden jewels of Yazd are worldwide famous), the coper bazaar, the Qaisaria bazaar, the Khan bazaar, and the Haji Ghanbar bazaar. These markets start on both sides of the street from Amirchakhmaq Square, where you can experience old booths with a variety of flavors and aromas of sweets and handicrafts such as Yazdi fabrics.

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Ardebil Old Bazaar

Ardabil Bazaar complex was built during the Seljuk period and is located in Ardabil city. This bazaar complex was registered as one of the national heritages of Iran in 1985. This market was very prosperous during the Safavid period. The historical complex of Ardabil Bazaar is located in the center of the city and on both sides of Imam Khomeini Street. Due to its antiquity and traditional architecture, it has a high potential of being registered as a UNESCO heritage. Traditional handicrafts, unique architecture and monuments, local cafes and a big section for local fruits and nuts, make it worthy of visiting.

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar or Vakil Al-Roaya Complex is one of the most famous traditional and historical markets in Iran. This bazaar, which was built by the order of Karim Khan Zand, is now located in the center of Shiraz (east of Shahrdari Square). Other places such as the mosque and the historic Vakil Bath are located next to the bazaar. The construction of Vakil Bazaar began in 1137 AH and lasted until 1156, when it was developed and completed. Shiraz Vakil Bazaar was registered as one of the national heritages of Iran in 1982. Its close location to many tourist attractions, unique architecture, lively vibe and charm, precious handmade rugs, stones and souvenirs make Shiraz bazaar a must go historical sites in Shiraz.

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Tabriz Old Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar is one of the largest indoor markets in the world and one of the most vibrant historical markets in Iran, which is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This market, which includes a set of different social structures, is unique among Iranian markets. The continuous brick structures, the high arches and domes of the bazaar, the large number of temples, the establishment of a number of schools and mosques, and the design style of the halls all indicate the existence of excellent examples of a commercial environment alongside Islamic architecture style. Tabriz Bazaar, with more than five thousand shops, has a large number of mosques, schools and houses. The carpet section of Tabriz bazaar is worldwide famous.

Qazvin Old Bazaar

One of the must go places in Qazvin is its Bazaar without a doubt. It is also home to some of the largest indoor Carvanserays in the world. Qazvin Bazaar is one of the architectural masterpieces of this city. From unique plastering to stunning tiling. This bazaar collection includes different sections such as passages, Saray, Timcheh, Public bathhouses, mosque and an old school. The best part is, various old professions operated in the market segment that is still largely preserved from old days. In this market, you can easily find handicrafts and a variety of traditional foods, old cafes and restaurants.

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Kerman Old Bazaar

Kerman Grand Bazaar starts from Arg Square and ends at Moshtaghieh Square. Each part of Kerman Bazaar was built during the reign of one of the rulers of this city. It is unique in Iran and has a global reputation due to some of its features. This bazaar is the longest row of the Iranian bazaar and was mainly built after the eighth century AH. This bazaar was registered as one of the Iran’s national heritages in 2001. Some features of Kerman market are unique among Iranian markets; Like the existence of the tallest windbreak in Kerman market, which is worldwide famous. The complex of buildings around Kerman Bazaar from the Safavid period onwards have all been created in connection with the bazaar. This market is a good place to buy souvenirs, traditional sweets and handicrafts of Kerman.

Kashan Old Bazaar

Historical cities are all about traditional markets! Kashan is not a big city, but alone has so much charm and beauty. Kashan traditional market is rightly one of the best traditional markets in Iran. Where you will get fascinated from the scent of its worldwide famous roses right after entering it! Especially if you travel to it in the spring. Combining architecture and history, undoubtedly, the historical bazaar of Kashan can be considered one of the kind. Don’t miss having freshly brewed tea with rose at the center of Kashan Bazaar!

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Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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