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VPN IRAN | Unfortunately, we have to start this article with an “UNFORTUNATELY”. We bet in the most of articles you read about Iran tourism, there are mostly positive pieces of information about how Iran trip will be one of the best experiences you will ever have from so many aspects. And almost all of them are right to the point. But unfortunately the internet services and the censorship upon that is not something we can hide or neglect when it comes to connecting to the world. At least through some channels. As you probably have heard, there are some censure filters for some social, news and media websites and Medias.

Of course through your trip in Iran you will have a wide convenient access to the Wi-Fi and mobile data internet, but as for its speed, we have to say: Meh!

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Best VPNs for Iran

Some of the most popular free VPNs in Iran are The Psiphon, Hotspot Shield, Freegate, which can be download freely from their websites. Of course being free is appealing sometimes, especially for the backpackers, but they may have some risks and cannot be fully trusted. From annoying sponsor advertisements to the stability and quality of connection, safety, speed and limitation on data transferring. Above all, the biggest threat of the free VPNs can be information theft like your account accesses and passwords.

After reading about the risks of free VPNs, if you prefer to know and some of the most trusted or at least convenient VPNs for Iran. Here they are:

Best VPN in Iran: Surfshark

Surfshark is VPN for surfing The internet in Iran
Best Option for surfing the Internet in Iran

Surfshark is one of the best options for surfing the Internet and visiting blocked sites in Iran, and we always recommend it to our guests in our hostel. This VPN only works using UDP Protocol, so make sure to change connection setting to UDP before connecting. The price for using Surfshark for one month is 1.99 Euros for unlimited devices,


  • ExpressVPN

O.k. It’s not something personal, but ExpressVPN is the best of the best. At least for Iran. If the price, which is slightly more than the others, is not an issue for you, definitely go for it. Its strong lasting connections, ease of use, pro encryption, almost traveler-friendly for long-term, the customization ability and advanced features are what make this VPN worthy of its price. The performance is reliable due to its numerous server locations. In addition, what gives the icing on the cake is its helpful website toward any questions you might have. The provided security by the ExpressVPN is much better than any other VPNs. The price is about 13:00 $ for one month which is probably enough for the duration of a stay in Iran for most of the travelers.

– You can download Pure VPN here.


  • PureVPN

The Pure VPN is not complicated and it simply does what it has to. It is famous for being one of the most Travel-Friendly VPNs. If everything goes right, you will experience a good decent connection in Iran and many other countries with the same problem, such as China and Russia. Considering its user-friendly interface design, good speed, its ability to be customized according the type of internet you are using, and reasonable price, Pure VPN is one of the best budget VPNs for backpackers. The price is about 11:00 $ for one month.

– You can download Pure VPN here.


  • NordVPN

If you are looking for the cheapest package as a constant traveler, the 6 months package of NordVPN is what you’re looking for. Although the price, convenient speed and the easy to use interface make this VPN a top choice, however, there are some downsides to it as well. Its changing speed depending on the traffic of the day in different hours, the limited number of the countries you can use this VPN in, and the least travel-friendly VPN when it comes to global server locations, are the downsides. At the end, the overall score is not that bad, especially for Iran. The price is about 12:00 $ for one month.

– You can download NordVPN here.



If you’re looking for a temporary decent solution, IPVanish can be a good choice. Almost decent number of global server locations, good data protection, easy to use process and semi traveler friendly interface, numerous devices connecting simultaneously, supportive website when it comes to questions and convenient price are what make the IPVANISH worthy. However, like the others, there are some downsides to this VPN as well. Poor connection stability and varying speed of connections are the most notable ones. The price is about 10:00 $ for one month.

– You can download NordVPN here.


Final Solution

You can Download Iran VPN solutions directly form our website by just just sharing us on social media.


At the end, we have some tips for you if you are coming to our beautiful Iran and plan to use A VPN:

  • As said before, download your VPN. It will be a challenge for you once in Iran;
  • If possible, have a backup link of VPN download, in case the first one don’t work;
  • Usually the “fastest country” option is the best one when you’re asked to choose your server location;
  • Have your Power Bank or charger in your backpack, since running a VPN will drain the mobile battery quickly.

List of Most Popular Blocked Websites in Iran

Firewall blockings and filters on some websites and apps like Facebook, Youtube, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Twitter, Foursquare, Quora, Reddit, CNN, BBC and few others, are some of the filtered websites in Iran at the moment. But if you thing we don’t use these websites in Iran, AGAIN, you’re totally and absolutely wrong.

Most of Iranians are equipped! With different kind of VPNs on their mobile phones and electronic devices to surf the internet, more securely and of course have access to the restricted websites. Generally, a VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) helps you to overcome the firewalls by changing your IP location and then encrypting your data. You can simply choose the country you want the IP shows in, or just choose the “fastest country” option after running your VPN. Therefore, your connection will be transferred through your chosen IP location.

Note: If you intended to use these free VPNs, make sure you will download them before your trip. It will be a challenge and also time consuming for a tourist to do that while in Iran without a local’s help.

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