As mentioned before, the four-season country of Iran, benefits form its amazing winter and snowfall. Ski in Iran has grabbed many attentions from Europeans for its high-quality international and yet convenient ski resorts in the past years. Many ski lovers and professionals from all around the world who had ski tour in Iran, put an strong end to the cliché of Iran image only with beautiful deserts. As mentioned before, Iran as a four-season country, benefits form its amazing winter and snowfall. Ski in Iran has grabbed many attentions from Europeans for its high-quality international and yet convenient ski resorts in the past years. Many ski lovers and professionals from all around the world who had ski tour in Iran, put an strong end to the cliché of Iran image only with beautiful deserts. The reality is that, Iran with the privilege of diverse climates in different regions presents an unique experience with its extraordinary landscapes in the deserts in the center, green woods in the north, and crystal clear waters of legendary Persian Gulf in the south.

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Best Ski Resorts in Iran

There are a number of international ski resorts in Iran with high-quality service which make Iran to be listed in the top 10 ski destinations with natural snow in the world. Some of them are the best in the Middle-East. The best time to ski in Iran is from early December to late March.

– Dizin Ski Resort: As the most reputed Ski Resorts in Iran, it provides great services for both professionals and armature ski lovers. It has more than 7.3 kilometers of terrain. The facilities like having Hotels, restaurants and being located only 1 hour away from Tehran, are the highlights of this resort. Dizin resort don’t operate only through winter. During other seasons, sport activities such as grass skiing, archery, and mountain biking are provided.

– Shemshak Ski Resort: As the second biggest ski resort in Iran, it’s located about 60 kilometers north of Tehran. The highlight of this resort is its quality for ski at night because of good lightings. With high standard chairlifts and ski lifts, this resort has numerous restaurants on the top of mountain with perfect view of snow-covered mountains and hotels inside the area.

 – Tochal Ski Resort: As the closest resort to Tehran, Tochal is just 5 Kilometers away from Tajrish Square in the north of Tehran. Tochal is not only a ski resort but more like an entertainment complex with many sportive activities like tennis courts, archery fields, bungee jumping, paintball, hiking route and riding along with cinema, restaurants and cafes. The length of Tochal ski lifts is about 7.5 kilometers which is among the longest terrains of Iran Ski Resorts and also the world. Tochal Ski Resort has 7 stations. The first has an elevation of 1900 meters. And the last one almost at the mountain peak has an elevation of 3740 meters.

– Abali Ski Resort: As the oldest resort in Iran, it’s located about 1 hour by car from the east of Tehran. This resort is mostly famous for its hot water springs along the ski facilities, hotels and restaurants. We strongly suggest travelers to skip going there during weekends because of extremely heavy traffic on the road, and the big crowds in the resort.

– Darbandsar Ski Resort: As one the bests in our opinion, this ski resort is located about 60 kilometers from Tehran. Darbandsar is known as an international ski resort by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and has been hosting International League Championships since 2008 till now. New, high-quality standard equipment and facilities are the highlights of this resort and also, skiing at Taltangeh Valley in the north of Darbandsar is possible even during the summer. The best time to ski in Darbandsar Ski Resort is form early December to mid-April.

Where to ski in other parts of Iran

– Pooladkaf Ski Resort: This resort is located in Fars province, near Shiraz. Pooladkaf ski resort is a perfect choice to skip the summer heat and enjoy the refreshing weather in the area. A big variety of activities such as skiing, horseback riding, après-ski, hiking, and biking along with restaurants and hotels to stay. There’s also, a smaller resort called Sepidan Ski Resort is nearby.

– Chelgerd Ski Resort: This resort as the most popular resorts in the west of Iran, is located at the heart of the Zagros Mountain Range. The access is possible by driving from Shahr-e Kord. Usually, it operates shortly from late December to late February. But during the summer, it’s an absolute heaven for trekking. Koohrang Tunnel, Sheikh Ali Khan waterfall, Dimeh Spring, and Chama ice Cave and a fantastic ice cave are some of the natural attractions of this area.

– Sahand Ski Resort: Located near Tabriz, on the northern side of Mount Sahand, this resort has a total of 3 kilometers slopes available for skiing and snowboarding with four lifts. With no risk of avalanche, the snow depth may reach 4 meters. The best time of use is from January to mid-March.

Why we suggest you Hi Tehran Ski Tour

If you are a sharp traveler and skier who wants to vast their experience, why not Iran? We have already many international skiers in Iran, who believed it had been a smart choice for them to experience all these natural resorts and beside that, being able to enjoy the culture of Iran in their trip. Hi Tehran Hostel’s Tour, offers well-designed and professional ski tours. One of the offers is a one-day IRAN SKI TOUR which is more attractive for semi-pro or amateur ski lovers. And the other one is SKI TOURING AND CLIMBING IN ALBORZ MOUNTAINS which can attract both amateurs and professionals. Apart from our reputation in designing customized, honest and high-quality tours, you can also receive a 15% discount for your room if you are staying in Hi Tehran Hostels. We have considered every aspect from flights, local transports, lift passes, accommodation, sightseeing, plus optional activities. Here are some of the facts about experience ski in Iran

Tochal Ski Resort

When is the best time for ski in Iran?

In general, Iran ski resorts are available from early-December to mid-April. But it’s always recommended to make sure through their websites and also national weather forecast.

Ski in Iran Facts

Whether you prefer to have an Iran Ski Tour or have an independent experience, here are some of the facts about experience ski in Iran:

  • Almost Half of Iran is covered with mountains in two main ranges of Alborz (north) and Zagros (west & south) – hundreds of summits higher than 4000m!
  • The highest peak of Iran Mt Damavand (5610m) in Alborz mountain is renown for its quality (light and soft) and all of resorts only have 100% natural snow because of their heights and heavy snowfalls during winter!
  • You can ski right above Tehran at Tochal (3800m) and it means more budget friendly!
  • The long history of skiing in Iran – First resort built was Shemshak (1958)!
  • In Iran, you won’t ski between trees – Only virgin powder field!
  • There are about 16 ski resorts all across Iran and in all of them, you can rent all the equipment you need for skiing!
Darbandsar Ski Resort

How to Rent Ski Equipment in Iran?

Most of Skiers prefer to use their own equipment. However, we had travelers wanted to travel light and therefor needed to rent the equipment. Good news is, it’s quiet easy and possible in most of the resorts. Ski gears and clothing, comfortable ski jacket, gloves, snow pants, suitable socks, and goggles are possible to rent. The fee can be different considering the quality and brand of the equipment (It also depends on the time you rent it, the costs are usually higher on weekends). There are big stations in resorts for this service but of course it will be less budget convenient.

Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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