Friday Flee Market of Tehran where you can find the most exotic objects to buy is located in a multilevel public parking lot where transforms to the biggest flee market of Iran every Friday. From carpets to antiques, ceramics and tableware, old coins to phonograph, wooden and Cooper products, traditional clothes and textiles… Literally everything… Second handed or new. Walking through the whole market can take few hours since it’s highly crowded and there are tons to see. This market is not only about shopping but also, experiencing local culture closely. If you’re interested in these kind of experiences or plan to have an exotic shopping in Iran and find it difficult to bargain or find your way through, join our walking and shopping tour every Friday.

Tour Purpose:

We noticed many times our guests are looking for unique experiences of shopping in Iran without being treated like a tourist, or they are not able to perform the bargain culture properly. You have to know how much you can insist and when is the right time to leave it or close the deal. Therefore, we decided to design and organize this shopping tour after our successful experience of Carpet shopping Tour.

Here is the “Friday Flee Market Tour” details:

The departure will be from Hi Tehran Hostel II (Enghelab Street). We will walk through Ferdowsi Street to reach the market and start searching. Our tour leader will help each person with their shopping with explaining, guidance and tips, translating and bargaining as long as it takes. We will get a pause in between to have a quick snack, tea or a traditional drink and start searching again since there are so many things to see. The tour will be finished maximum at 2 PM before the market closes at 15:00 and it becomes a big mess. We will walk back to the hostel or if there are heavy bags with you, we will take a taxi back. Along the way and in free times, we will be focused on chatting about traditions, habits and specific routines in Iran which we will see many signs of them in the market.

Note: This market is a very good opportunity to get very unique Iranian and also international objects. Many collectioners and local merchandises from different parts of Iran present their treasures in this market every week. So, many of the objects are not to be found in the normal shops. Also you can find new designs of the younger generation there.

Note: Market is extremely crowded. So, consider to have a proper and safe bag for your cash and leave your passport and documents in the hostel.

Note: Tour will be conducted on Friday mornings till afternoon if only 4 person or more register for it by its Thursday 6 PM.

Tour Type

Shopping / Real life & Local experience/ walking tour

Season Types

All seasons

Start City and Duration

Tehran, Ferdowsi square


Walking requires, moderate fitness level, patience, acceptance of the raw setting


Tour Guide, drinks


Transport, Lunch


Walking (Less than 20 min)


Comfortable walking shoes and shopping bag


  • English
  • Persian

Groups, duration and Description

  • Tour starts at 8:30 AM till maximum 2 PM
  • Tour fee is 20 Euros per person; The tour can be hold Fridays only with more than 4 persons (80 Euros).

You can ask the details of Tehran tours by emailing us at: or WhatsApp at: +98 912 053 0663

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