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When it comes to Tehran, we can strongly say it rarely sleeps. Most of the fun begins right after the sun sets in Tehran. Many travelers ask us are there any nightlife fun in Tehran without all the common things that they are used to and can’t find here (at least not officially). Well, we have to answer: Go figure 🙂  you just have to be open about it.

In the following paragraphs we try to categorize some suggestions for your Iranian style nightlife (mostly in Tehran). The difference of Tehran’s nightlife with other popular capitals mostly are the outcome of political, traditional and religious condition of it. The most important thing on this matter is you have to read between the lines and know where to go, when to go, what to do and with who. We admit that is sort of nonsense or awkward for some readers who are not familiar with Iranian culture. Long story short here are our suggestions:

For the young travelers and backpackers:

Go to Artists (Honarmandan) Park for hanging, socializing and meet hipster young people or Art students. In the Park you will see lots of young souls to hang with. Don’t be shy, go flow with them. The rest is up to you. Usually you will find free spirited ones who will suggest you a good plan for the night;
Go to Bam-e-Tehran (Roof of Tehran) for getting some view. Roof of Tehran simply is a high ground which has a good view of Tehran and also is one of the passages to the Tochal peak. Folks and young people usually go there for hanging, playing or walking around 9-10 pm and stay there till 2-3 am since It’s open 24/7;
Go to hipster cafes like Café Nazdik, Sam Café, Lamiz Café, Café Cinema & … to meet young souls and start a talk with them;
Accept an invitation to a local house or ceremony. Well, all of previous suggestions, somehow lead you to accept an invitation and go flow with the folks apart from the experience of the spot itself. Again, while in Iran, you have to be flexible on the stream of DO’s & DON’T’S.

For the conservative travelers who wants to stay in the line and still have fun:

Go to Tabiat(Nature) bridge to get a fresh air, see a mesmerizing modern architecture, have dinner and meet nice welcoming people, it’s a great option. Since the bridge is open till midnight, you can spend the evening walking on it and then go to the Wooden Road International Food court to seat with locals in a beautiful area for dinner;
Go to a music performances in Vahdat Hall, Milad Tower or Roudaki Hall to see Iran’s musical and theatrical arts. There are cafes and Restaurants around to get your night going around the concert hall. You can buy the tickets in advance on these websites: https://www.iranconcert.com/ or https://www.tiwall.com/
Go to Azari Teahouse to enjoy your night with the happiest folks you will ever see, smoke hookah, have a great Persian cuisine and sing along with the live music all night. There is Traditional folk music in the Azari Teahouse (the oldest in Tehran) every night from 8.30 pm till midnight. Since it’s popular for Iranians, you have to book your table in advance;
Go to Darband to get fresh air, walk beside the river and catch the spirit of Tehran nights. Darband would be a quiet different experience of Tehran nights. Just google it and you will see what do we mean. It’s ok to stay in Darband till midnight on week days, and till 2 am on weekends.
NOTE1: If you ever wish to stay out all night just make sure you are not alone. Apart from the fact that it’s safer, being alone is not in Iranian culture; Find someone;

NOTE2: Of course Iran is one of the safest countries in the world and folks are almost the nicest ones you’ll ever experience when it comes to tourism, but none of these means that you get to miss basic safety concerns. Like every other capital, Tehran has also its dangers. Never carry too much money or your passport when it’s late and you’re alone, and always make sure someone knows where you are if you decided to spend time somewhere private.

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