iran food tour

Iran Food Tour | Persian cuisine is one of the world’s greatest and oldest intangible cultures which can be tracked back to the ancient Persian Empire, and follow up to the modern Iran with all the cross cultural influences it always had in the region. The cultural and tribes diversity in Iran has led to a very vast food culture; from full vegetarian to meat lovers dishes, grain based and diary based recipes and different kinds of jewel rice dishes with nuts are part of this culture.

Iran Food Tour

Everyone in Iran knows that being just a Pro chef in not enough for the perfect Persian style cooking. It needs years of experience, knowing spices, how to use them and of course being an amazing Mom. Farah Seyyed Fathi is our professional Chef, who can give you the ultimate taste of an Iranian dish along teaching you how to cook it with love. Persian Cuisine with Maman Farah offers a memorable experience of not only learn how to cook Iranian dishes but, HOW IT IS TO BE TREATED AS A GUEST INSIDE AN IRANIAN HOME, and that’s the part you will fall in love with. During the experience you will learn:

  • One Persian style starter;
  • One Persian style main dish;
  • One Persian style dessert;
  • One Persian style traditional drink;
  • Persian Traditional/Medical Eating habits;

Then we will enjoy our cooking together as a feast and socialize like Iranians do at their gatherings with lots of brewed tea and sweets.

Note: If you’re a vegetarian, let us know when you’re booking. We make sure you will get the most exciting Iranian vegan recipes.

Tour Type:

Experience & Educational / Real life & Fun


  • Transportation to Maman Farah home;
  • All ingredients;
  • Additional side dishes and Persian brewed tea;
  • Written recipes of dishes made in class


  • Transportation back from the kitchen to the hostel


  • Transportation Taxi

Requirements and Rules

  • An empty stomach and a good appetite;
  • Booking 1 week earlier;


  • English and Farsi


  • Half a day- From around 5 pm to 10

Group Size and Fees Min:

2 person: 150 $ 3 person 210 $
4 person 270 $ Max: 5 person 320 $

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