Tehran climbing

12 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Tehran at Least Once

When it comes to introducing Tehran to outsiders, sometimes guide books, make the cons and negative parts such as Tehran traffic, and air pollution way bolder than its attraction. And usually the tourists get caught in the cliché and skip … Read More

Elizabeth Taylor Iran Cultural Tour: Experience it as her

“In 1976, Elizabeth Taylor took her first and only trip to Iran, where provided an exotic and engaging cultural tour for her, a tireless global wanderer still at the height of her fame. She traveled to the main tourist sites: … Read More

Ski Touring and Climbing in Alborz Mountains

Ski Touring in Alborz mountains in the north of Tehran is one of the main reasons for Iranian and foreign trekkers to travel to this region. Also Damavand peak as the 12th most prominent peak in the world, and the second most … Read More