persian dance tour

As the country of many ethnics and tribes, Iran is the true home of cultural diversity. The Kurd, Turk, Lor, Turkmen, Fars, Baouch, Arab and Gilak are the most known tribes and ethnos of Iran that each have rich cultural heritages to offer. Dancing as one of the most exciting intangible heritages of Iran has been cherished by the folks through the time. From the martial and defensive arts rooted Raghs-e Choob (dance with the stick) of Balouchestan and sword dance of Khuzistan Arabs to daily life based Gilaki dance of Gilan province, and to collective unified Kurdish dance based on their history, Iran folk dances have a lot to offer.

In the IRANIAN FOLK DANCING TOUR, we are focused on creating a memorable and happy experience through teaching Kurdish and Azari (Turkish) dance steps and rituals in a collective social and fun atmosphere. If you want to know and learn HOW IT IS LIKE TO DANCE LIKE A KURD OR AZARI, you will fall in love with this choice. During the experience you will learn and experience:

  • Kurdish or Turkis/Azari Dance Steps (The type of dance must be mentioned at the point of booking);
  • How to mix the steps for a dance routine;
  • The origin and transformation of the dance and its moves
  • How to prepare Iranian style brewed herbals for relaxation with rose and orange petals, cinnamon, saffron or cardamom;

Important Note: Filming is not allowed during the tour. Any photography should be with the permission of the tutor.

Tour Type:

Experience & Educational / Fun


  • Transportation from the hostel and back;
  • Free drinks and tea;
  • Free snacks and fruits
  • Music files of the dance lesson


  • Main food


  • Taxi (private car)

Requirements and Rules

  • Comfortable outfits for dancing
  • Booking 1 week earlier;


  • English and Farsi


  • Half a day- From around 7 pm to midnight

Group Size and Fees:

2 person: 160 $, 3 person 220 $
4 person 260 $, Max: 5 person 330 $