A brief guide for Iran Train System

As much as traveling with train is safe and convenient, it’s also quite amazing. The safety is one the biggest reason why many people around the world chose it as their travel mean over the others. In this article we try to introduce Iran’s train system and services. Most of the Iran’s train Coupes were imported on 2014 from Germany. In general, Fadak trains with different amenities, guest attendees trained by the trainers of the Lufthansa airline, dining and catering services provided by DoNA, the Iranian-Austrian catering company, offer services on a world-class quality. On the other hand, RAJA trains are usually not as modern and high-quality as the Fadak’s, but as the first and oldest train company they almost cover all of the possible destinations and are not limited in their schedule as the Fadak trains are.

FADAK Train Services

The services of Fadak trains with the ability to move at speeds of 200 km / h, are offered in four different classes, along the routes of Tehran-Mashhad, Qom-Mashhad and Tehran-Shiraz. The Fadak Train has made it possible for travelers, depending on their expectations, to choose the level of service they want to receive. Some of its services are:

  • Providing a private welcoming entrance for the guests at the station with serving unlimited warm or cold welcoming drinks;
  • Providing entertainment through its movie and music media on the train and Wi-Fi system for connecting to personal smartphones and smart air condition system;
  • Iranian and Western style vacuum baths, Clean and sanitary bed and sleeping service along with a very professional attendants;
  • Providing international catering services for European cuisine with Iranian touch;
  • CCTV system in public spaces and Fire detection system for more security;
  • Sound and thermal insulators to eliminate disturbing sounds and increase the quality of travel.

Fadak trains are divided into five different classes: 1. Fadak Special Five Star Class; 2. Fadak Economic Five Star Class; 3. Fadak Five Star Business Class; 4. Fadak Five Star Class with Evening meal; 5. Fadak Five Star Class with Evening meal and Hotel.

Fadak trains operate on three main routes at this moment which you can see in the info graphic below:

RAJA Train Services

Raja train services, in addition to long-distance travel, are used for other purposes. These trains are divided into three different categories:

  1. Four-board trains, which are the most popular ones due to their comfort and services. These trains are very suitable for family trips;
  2. Six-board trains, which are more economical and they are very suitable for group trips like student tours;
  3. Hall seats trains, which are more suitable for big tours as the seats are arranged inside long halls exactly like plains and busses.


Car Carriage of Raja Trains

One of the advantages of the Raja trains over Fadak is the possibility of carrying the passenger’s cars. Many travelers, especially those who intend to stay in a city for a long time or plan to explore Iran by their own car, are interested or even forced to carry their personal vehicle. The car carriage of the Raja train has made this situation possible.


Tourism Train System

One of the innovations of Raja is the launch of a tourism train for the first time in Iran. Stations in the direction of Tehran – Pole-e-Sepid (North of Iran) are defined to discover the natural attractions of this route. Every Thursday at 6:30 in the morning, the train will take passengers from Tehran to start their journey.

After breakfast, the train reaches the fertile plain of Varamin and after leaving it on the Garmsar margin, the route will show the beauties of the desert to travelers. The train will continue in a different direction to the northern part of the country and will soon reach the first stop in Hablehrood. At this point, passengers can take off the train and take a little tour in the nature. Again, the train began its journey and will pass by the Kabootardarreh (valley of the pigeons), Simin Dasht and Zarrin Dasht and gradually enter the mountainous part in the north of Iran. After a little course in this section, the second stop will be in ten Shurab village. And the journey will end after the second stop and by coming back to Tehran around 9 PM while seeing breathtaking 3 Golden Rail Lines in the mountains from Pahlavi period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To reserve this one-day tour train on Thursdays, you have to book it at least 1 week in advance. Of course if you’re lucky enough to still find it available.

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Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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    Hi I’m planning a trip to Iran in May, using a mix of trains and buses. Can you just give me an indication how the recent floods affect train and buses journeys? I understand many roads & bridges have been washed away. Would it be better to postpone the trip? Thanks Tom

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