National plan of phone registry in Iran is being conducted from 2017, in order to reduce smuggling portable phones to Iran. According to this law, all of the working mobile phones in Iran should be registered to be able to operate. Fortunately, this plan is not necessary for regular tourists. In this post we guide you through the process with eliminating unnecessary information to avoid the confusion.

Who should apply for phone registry in Iran

If you intend to stay in Iran more than 30 days, or if it’s not your first visit to Iran with the same phone, you need to follow the next steps for your phone registry in Iran. But if it’s your first time in Iran and you won’t stay more than a month, just skip this post.

What you need to register your phone and where

For phone registry in Iran in IKA airport to have your phone on the run immediately after arrival to Iran, you need to do the process online in the airport Coffee-Net and you need:

  •  Your passport Number
  • Registration fee in Rials (the fee is about 60 Euros depending on your phone model)
  • Your phone IMEI which you can find in your phone setting or by dialing *#06#
  • A visa extension code which you should request from the visa section. For more information read here
  • Your Visitor sim which you have purchased in IKA (How to get a sim card in Iran IKA airport)
  • Using the IKA Coffee-Net for registering your phone online.

Important Note: You can skip phone registry in Iran IKA (Tehran Airport) if you’re very tired and save it for later. But remember you still need to get your visa extension code for the process and also your sim card won’t work till the process is done.

Important Note: Remember to get your visa extension code from the visa officer. It may happen that you cannot find it on the documents and you will lose a lot of time and energy to go back to visa section again and request for it.

How to register your phone online

Here are the steps for registering online:

1st: Open Iran customs administration (IRICA) website ( in the browser.

2nd: Enter your phone’s IMEI code in the requested field. Your phone might have two IMEI codes. If so, you need to enter both of them by clicking on + option to add an extra field for it.

3rd: Click on next (the orange button) to go to the next page and then enter your device type, brand, model and other details.

4th: Click on next (the orange button) to go to the next page and then enter your nationality, phone number, the 16 digits’ visa extension code and passport number.

5th: Click continue button and fill the field in the new page with the 4-character code that has been sent at the same moment to your registered phone number in the previous step. Then press the continue button again and enter the 5-character security code in the field which has been texted to you again.

6th: Click the continue button and it’s the payment section. Whether you are using an Iranian friend credit card or you are doing the process yourself at the airport. In the first case, you should ask the person to kindly proceed through this step with their credit card details, or if you’re in the airport, the operators in the Coffee-Net will take care of it for you! Finally, a good service!

7th: After finalizing the payment, your phone is registered officially and you can go to take a taxi or find your pickup driver (Hi Tehran pickup service page). Within 3 – 7 days, your activation code will be texted to your phone by “Hamta” and you have to use its USSD code for activation (before this step, you don’t need to do anything and your phone will work properly).

8th: For using Hamta USSD code, dial *7777# and then enter 2 which is for activation and press send; then enter your 15-digit IMEI code and press send; then enter your phone number and press send; then enter the Hamta activation code and press send.

9th: In the last stage, you can see the confirmation window with your IMEI code and phone number on it. You have to enter 1 and press send to re-confirm it. Shortly, you will receive a text that activation has been completed and your device is finally and officially registered!

Important Note: These instructions are for travelers who have bought and registered their sim card themselves. If someone else like an Iranian friend has bought and registered the sim card, they have to proceed on this process with their own information.

Final Note: If you intend to register your phone in the IKA airport Coffee-Net, its kind operators will help you through all of the above registration processes. Welcome to Iran!

Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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