Gilan Green nature (Chale-Sara to Plat-Kale-Sar Hike): This is a tour for trekking lovers


Since many of tourists skip the northern part of Iran to visit just worldwide famous cities of Iran like Isfahan and Shiraz because of the time limit, we seriously encourage travelers who have the privilege of time to visit the heavenly northern parts of Iran. The Hyrcanian mixed Forest, Sarve-Lat protected area and the diversity of trees and plants make the Qasem-Abad village an extraordinary place for hiking and trekking. A rainbow of leaf colors in the foothills in autumn and vast greenery in spring and summer create a unique landscape in the village, beautiful plants and saplings grown in the plant nurseries created by locals, working rural women in colorful traditional dresses in the terraced rice fields and tea farms while singing Gilaki ritual songs, are only some of the region attractions.

Tour Duration and description

First things first, you have to go the north west of Iran (can be arranged by bus). After crossing the lanes and visiting the tea and the orange farms, we reach the Siah-Lat river which is famous for Caspian vimba fishes. After 1.5h of easy hiking with a light slope, we arrive at Chale-Sara. An evergreen flat area with wooden and mud cottages and an old shrine for ceremonial events.

Then continuing to the south-west direction, towards Fin-Deh which is foggy most of the year. Along the way we shall pass two local cowsheds and walk through the mesmerizing woods of in Sarve-Lat protected area.. It takes one hour from Fin-Deh to reach the col, which often has cool winds. From the col, we continue hiking towards Afra big waterfall, which is surrounded by thick maple trees. Passing by beautiful basins along the way and a large cowshed in the south of the waterfall, we continue walking towards ‘Plat-Kale-Sar’ tea farm and reach the village within two hours.

Season Types

Spring / autumn / winter

Start Location

Gileboom Eco-touristic area (15Km from Ramsar)

Highest Point: 830m

Duration: 6 hours

Difficulty Level: Difficult


  • Tour Guide;
  • Transportation from Local House to Siah-Lat and from Plat-Kale-Sar back to the Local House;
  • Meals: including two breakfasts, lunch in the trail and two dinners;
  • Hot & cold beverage in the trail;
  • Fees of accommodation (2nights).


  • Insurance;
  • Transportation from Tehran to Local Eco-touristic House and back (it can be arranged due to your request);
  • Carrying personal belongings.


  • Taxi or K.M Jeep


  • English
  • Farsi

Group Size and Fees

  • 1 pax: 180€ / 2 pax: 300 €
  • 3 pax: 370€  / 4 pax(One car): 410€

Before the Trip Please Prepare

  • Hiking Stick
  • Cap
  • Light rucksack
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Hiking shoes

Tour Main attractions

  • Tea farms
  • Cowsheds
  • Afra Waterfall
  • Hyrcanian jungle
  • View over Caspian Sea
  • Protected evergreen lands and woods

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