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Parinaz: Our tour guide in Isfahan

Isfahan, indeed is one of the most historical cities and according to many travelers, the number one city to visit in Iran. In other words, visiting Isfahan can be titled as “the real Iran experience”. In our opinion, exploring a new place like a local does, is the ultimate experience in catching the spirit of the city, to Do that you definitely need a Isfahan Tour Guide. Therefore we’ve tried to provide the best experience of Isfahan, as the most touristic city of Iran, with combining professional information along with real life style of locals with the help of Parinaz, our tour guide in Isfahan

Parinaz and Mahnaz, are our tour guides in Isfahan who as experts in Tourism, Art and history, they’re the best tour guides who are able to open new and creative perspectives of traveling and exploring for you. They believe, the historical city of Isfahan as their hometown, has so many potentials for having tangible/intangible experiences. From the unique architecture of historical sights to habits, to handicrafts and much more.

Isfahan Tour Guide

One Day Tour

– Showing and presenting top sightseeing of Isfahan: Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Imam mosque, Ali-Qapu palace and Qeysariyeh Bazaar in Naghsh-e Jahan square;

– Lunch in a traditional restaurant, Espadana Saray;

– Visiting Imperial Sarkhanh;

– Visiting Chah-e Haj Mirza historical Teahouse;

– Walking through neighborhoods and alleys with hundred years of history like Jolfa neighborhood, French and Armenian local neighborhoods;

– Visiting Vank Cathedral, Jolfa square and Beit-Ol-Lahm Church;

– Finishing tour at Si-o-Seh Pol and Khaju bridge.

Two Days Tour

– The proposal of the “one day tour” for the first day;

– Visiting Jame Mosque of Isfahan;

– Visiting Atigh Square and Ali minaret;

– Visiting Jafaar and Ismaeil Shrines (Safavid architecture);

– Stopping for lunch in an Isfahani style restaurant near Naghsh-e Jahan Square;

– Visiting the entrance of Hakim/Gorgir Mosque (Al-e Booyeh Architecture);

– Visiting abandoned and not well known minarets in neighborhoods;

– Going to Soffe mount in the south of Isfahan to experience the bird-view of Isfahan;

Tour Type

Art and Culture/ Local experience Tours

Season Types

  Spring  Summer, Autumn and Winter

Start City

Isfahan; Pickup from hotel


Light walking requires moderate fitness level.


Tour Guide, coffee


Entrance fees, meals


Public Transportation and taxi/ Private car/ Van (according to request)


Comfortable walking shoes, sun cream and shield for summer, and other personal belongings.


  English, Persian


1 Days 0 Nights / 2 Days 0 Nights

Group Size and Fees

One day tour:

1 pax 70$/ 2 pax 100$/ 3 pax 140$

4 pax 180$/ 5 pax 210$

Two days tour:

1 pax 135$/ 2 pax 170$/ 3 pax 210$

4 pax 260$/ 5 pax 300$

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