Steps Away from Haft-e-Tir Square

We are located in a perfect spot of Tehran. Close to Beyhaghi Terminal, Haft-e-Tir Metro and so many interesting places for tourists in Tehran.

Hi Tehran Hostel I (Bahar St. Branch) Location

We are perfectly located in the center of Tehran. All important places are easy to reach from here. We are surrounded by the best night life in Tehran and we are near Haft-e-Tir Metro station. This means you are only 15 minutes From Golestan Palace and Tabiat Bridge.

Hi Tehran Hostel I (Bahar St. Branch) Address: #2, Tabatabaei Alley, Bahar Shomali St., Taleghani St., Tehran

Open the following map in Google map by clicking here.  Click on the icons in the map to see more details about top places near Hi Tehran Hostel I.

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Directions to HI Tehran Hostel I (Bahar St, Branch)

HI Tehran Hostel I is perfectly located near Haft-e-tir square, Tehran’s transportation hub and Haft-e-tir subway station.

From Bus Terminals

There are three major bus terminals in Tehran, from which you can get in Tehran.

There is Terminal-e-Jonub metro station entrance in the terminal, You have to get yourself to the nearest subway station to Hi Tehran hostel which is Haft-e-tir station on redline. So, there is no need to change the metro line because Terminal-e-jonub metro station is on red line also. Thus, after entering the station you should take Toward Tajrish trains. Get off at Haft-e-tir station. Take a look at from metro to hostel section for finding the rest of your path to our hostel.

You should go to Ghaem-Magham street which is just steps away from terminal entrance. Take one of the commute taxis to Haft-e-Tir station. It costs you about 2000 Toman per person. Ask the driver to help you in finding Mofateh street. Mofateh street is on the other side of square. So, be careful when crossing the street or use the pedestian overpass. On moffaeh street go straight down and find Shimi alley or mofateh metro entrance. Now you are in Haft-e-tir metro station . Here is the rest of your way. From metro to hostel

Go to Azadi metro station, Take yellow line trains toward Kolahduz, and leave the train at Imam Khomeini station. Change the line to the red line and go to toward Tajrish direction of station. Get off from toward Tajrish train at Haft-e-Tir metro station and leave the station from Mofateh St. exit. Take a look at from metro to hostel section for finding the rest of your path to our hostel.

From IKIA Airport

We strongly recommend you using HI Tehran Hostel pickup services for two main reasons.

  1. Most of our guests land at Imam Khomeini Airport at midnight, after going through your Iran visa process, finding a taxi at that time can be a hassle. on the other hand findig the address at midnight is also hard for the driver.
  2. There are few cunning taxi drivers who would take you to a wrong hostel or cheap hotel in Tehran with the purpose of earning a commission from the owners of that place. Some of these drivers pretend they are unable to find HI Tehran Hostel‘s address and there are even some who would fake a conversation on the phone with our staff and tell you that the hostel is already full or your reservation has been cancelled.


  • From IKIA airport:

We are located near Haft-eTir Metro station but IKIA metro station on line 1 (red line) is working for limited hours. For more information, check out our blog post about Tehran Metro. Another option for passengers is using airport taxis. It will cost you about 10$ from the airport to our place. we strongly recommend using our pick-up service . If you decided to come here on your own please show the driver the address in Farsi.

Show taxi driver our address in Farsi :
تهران، خیابان طالقانی، خیابان بهار شمالی، بالاتر از بیمارستان سجاد، سمت راست خیابان، کوچه طباطبایی، بن بست فیروزآبادی، پلاک 2

From Metro to Hi Tehran Hostel I

We are just 610 meters away from Haft-e-tir Metro station.

  • From Haft-e-Tir metro station to hostel:

Leave at Mofateh Street exit. Go straight down until you see Shimi Alley (کوچه شیمی), turn left into Shimi alley and follow it until you get to Bahar-Shomali Street. Cross the street. Tabatabei alley on the other side of street is right in front of you. We are #2 on your left-hand side in Tabatabei alley. (Read our Tehran Metro guide from here)


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