Tehran is known for the compelling and unique charm, which make it one must-see destination for the travelers. Although it’s not the most beautiful or ancient city of Iran, the attractions of this city make it really worthy for the travelers to wander touristic and local destinations in Tehran. Being the metropolis of Iran, Tehran is actually bustling with different tourist attractions and the concrete skyline of this city also attracts the tourists from different parts of this globe. As the home to more than ten million Iranians, Tehran is always underrated as the tourist destination.

So, if you are planning to travel Iran, then here are some of the underrated destinations in Tehran that you must visit.

The National Jewelry Museum in Tehran


This museum displays some of the mainly luxurious regalia that one can come across anywhere in this world. Besides, this is also one of the most popular displays that feature one decorative world globe prepared from around fifty thousand different types of precious stones. Besides, here the travelers can see some beautiful instances of finery dating available from the ancient Persia till the Qajar dynasty in the nineteenth century.

Golestan Palace in Tehran


Being a really popular tourist spot in Tehran, this palace was the royal abode of the ancient Qajar dynasty. Inside the palace complex there lie the old city that goes back to the Safavid dynasty at the very beginning of the Islamic Persia. Therefore, in the 19th century, this palace adapted the present appearance including the influences of the combination of Western and Islamic architecture.

 Qasr Prison Museum

Qasr prison museum which opened its doors to the public in 2006, is located in Shariati Avenue in Tehran. The Qasr Museum used to be a prison almost 90 years ago during the Reza Pahlavi period with the capacity of 800 prisoners. This very prison complex was famous for its extreme physical and psychological tortures of political prisoners. Like many of the prisons in the world that now function as museums, the Qasr museum represent the dark history of its old days. The atmosphere perfectly reflects the painful tortures of prisoners before and during the revolution, while you can hear the screams, feel the coldness of concrete walls and look at the dark small cells. After searching the prison building, you may catch your breath and get back to the life outside while seating in its beautiful garden.

The Ski Slopes

Have you ever thought that you would be able to ski in Iran? During the present few years, this sport has gained immense popularity in Iran. There are around 4 downhill areas in Tehran and the cost of ski slopes in these areas is quite lesser than that in Europe. So, if you are planning to take a tour to Tehran, then you must keep in mind that the time of skiing in the Alborz Mountains continues to late March through November.

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower Tehran

Also known as the Borj-e-Azadi or the Freedom Tower, this building was constructed in the year 1971 as a memorial of two thousand five hundred years of the Persian monarchy in the eastern part of Tehran. No Tehran tour can be completed without visiting this landmark tower as this showcases the finest quality architecture, which can fuse all the fundamentals of Achaemenid, Sassanian and the Modernist architecture. This tower has a Y shape and it also includes an underground and well-constructed museum. Apart from that, the topmost floor of this tower offers the most amazing sight of the entire Tehran city.

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar

While you are in Tehran, then you can’t complete your tour without visiting the biggest market of this city. The Tehran Grand Bazaar is not only the biggest and the most popular market in Tehran, but it is also the biggest market in this entire world.

The traders used to utilize this place for around 1000 years. Even today, Tehran Bazaar plays a major position in the economy of this city and numerous vital historical pronouncements were taken here. It is because most of the bazaris or the proprietors of the stalls or shops are really wealthy and also have loads of political power. Besides, this bazaar also represents the politically conservative and religious part of the society.

These markets are known as touristy due to the collection of more decorative and exotic artifacts. Other things that you can find in this market are paper, gold, unusual knick-knack, copper, and food. But this market is not meant for the exotic things. Apart from shopping, you must not miss the intricate details of architecture in that bazaar. There are a few richly decorated ceilings and arches in different shapes and colors, featuring the Arabesque style, which is found rarely outside Iran.

Milad Tower

Also known as the Borj-e-Milad, it is also one of the most iconic constructions of Tehran as well as the most well-known features of the skyline of Tehran. Completed in the year 2007, this tower stands at the height of 435 meters, making it the 6th tallest tower in the whole world. While visiting this tower, you must not miss a trip to the head of this tower to enjoy the panoramic views of this city. For further enjoyment, you can visit the beautiful, revolving restaurant located in this tower.


 With different types of attractions in Tehran, you can make the tour in Iran complete. All you have to do is to find out an advantageously located accommodation in Tehran to stay in this city in the most fun-filled, convenient and undisturbed stay.

Writer: Golnar ZAMANI

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