HI Tehran Hostel Pick-Up Service
HI Tehran Hostel Pick-Up Service

Since travelers have problem providing flight details while reserving a room/bed at HI Tehran Hostel, We ask them to provide us with their exact information at least 1-3 days before arrival so that we can transfer them from Airport. Please fill in  The Pick-Up Service form carefully. Our driver will be standing at the exit gate of Airport, holding HI Tehran Hostel Logo and you can simply find him. Our driver wait for you at the gate, but if for any reason you couldn’t make through the gate within 2 hours for your pickup service, proceed to the TAXILUX station with your pickup paper to receive the service.

We strongly recommend you using our pickup services for two main reasons.

  1. Most of our guests land at Imam Khomeini Airport at midnight, after going through your Iran visa process, finding a taxi at that time can be a hassle.
  2. There are few cunning taxi drivers who would take you to a wrong hostel or cheap hotel in Tehran with the purpose of earning a commission from the owners of that place. Some of these drivers pretend they are unable to find HI Tehran Hostel‘s address and there are even some who would fake a conversation on the phone with our staff and tell you that the hostel is already full or your reservation has been cancelled.



Usually it will take something between 1-2 hours for issuing your visa on arrival (Read Our Iran Visa Guide 2017), Hence if our drivers wait for you more than 2 hours you will be charged an additional of 20%.