When Iranians gather for a Persian night with friends, the cuisine is one of the most important parts, but not all of it. What we call Mehmooni have been described as: “Mehmooni (noun) A social gathering of people, of whom at least one must be of Persian descendant, with the sole purpose of drinking and having a good time.” Traditional drinks, dancing, playing backgammon and Daberna, smoking shisha and the tea routine with traditional sweets are parts of the culture of having guests in home, and it is definitely one of the most important intangible attractions of Iran.

PERSIAN MEHMOONI NIGHT TOUR, is focused on creating a real life memorable yet educative experience tour of a Persian cuisine and night in a happy atmosphere of an Iranian home. If you want to know HOW IT IS TO BE TREATED AS A MEHMOON INSIDE AN IRANIAN HOME, you will fall in love with this choice. During the experience you will learn, experience and cook:

  • One Persian style starter; main dish;
  • sweet along with the tea ceremony;
  • Persian style traditional drink;
  • How to prepare Iranian style brewed tea with rose and orange petals, cinnamon, saffron or cardamom;
  • Persian Traditional/Medical Eating habits;
  • Preparing and smoking shisha;
  • Playing Daberna or Backgamon;

We will enjoy our cooking together as a feast and socialize like Iranians do at their Memoonies.

Note: If you’re a vegetarian, let us know when you’re booking. We make sure you will get the most exciting Iranian vegan recipes.

Tour Type:

Experience Tour & Educational / Real life & Fun


  • Transportation from the hostel and back;
  • All ingredients;
  • Additional side dishes and Persian brewed tea;
  • Written recipes of dishes made in


  • Taxi (private car)

Requirements and Rules

  • An empty stomach, a good appetite and some good spirit;
  • Booking 3 days in advance;


  • English and Farsi


  • Half a day- From around 6 pm to midnight

Group Size and Fees:

The package is designed flexible for the number for different group sizes. You can ask the details of tour fees by emailing us at: hitehranhostel@gmail.com or Whatsapp us: +98 912 053 0663

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