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Mount Damavand as the 12th most prominent peak in the world, and the second most prominent in Asia after Mount Everest, has always been one of the main icons of Iran. Climbing Damavand as the highest peak in Iran and Middle East, and also the highest volcano in Asia, can be a dream come true for many tourists who come to Iran. In general,Trekking, hiking and mountaineering in Iran is becoming more and more attractive for tourists these days. There are more than 16 known routes for climbing to the summit, with different levels of difficulty. Some of the routes are very dangerous and require rock climbing and professional equipment and some are easier. That’s why the most important thing in climbing and Damavand Trekking is the right leader. Considering safety, stay on the right track, find shelters and follow the proper timeline aren’t things to get under estimated while climbing. That’s why we were peaky about choosing our leader. You can also read Our Climb Damavand: The Ultimate Guide to Middle East’s Highest Mountain!

Damavand Climbing Tour with Rasool
Damavand Climbing Tour with Rasool

Damavand Trekking, Damavand Tour

Rasool Faramarzpour, our great experienced climbing leader which is one of the prominent Iranian mountaineer is the perfect choice if you have Damavand in mind. He has nearly climbed all the mountains and walls of Iran in different seasons which make him very familiar with different routes and region of Alborz and Zagros Mountains. As he’s from the region and owns the most well-known hostel in Damavand region, he knows the experience the best.

Damavand Tour Type

  • Climbing, Trekking, Adventure/ Local experience / Nature and Eco tours

Season Types

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Start City

  • Tehran


  • Moderate-good fitness level.


  • Tour Guide, Driver and transportation, meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, fees of accommodation in Rineh village and the 3rd shelter (Shared shelter), Spa


  • Insurance, fees of climbing license and allowance


  • 4WD


  • Professional climbing equipment, Personal belongings


  • English
  • Persian

Duration and description

Damavand Tour: South Route (starts at 2100 Meters)

  • Day 1: Departing from Hi Tehran Hostel to the Damavand region (2h), accommodating in the first camp in Rineh, serving snacks – excursion to Rineh mountainous city and searching the region, having dinner in a local restaurant;
  • Day 2: Having breakfast at 8 am, moving to the second comp at 9:30 am (4WD) (50 min), sending backpacks to the third camp by mules, starting the semi heavy climbing to the third camp (3h), accommodating in the third camp, having lunch – exercising around camp for more high adaptation, serving snacks and dinner;
  • Day 3: Having breakfast at 4am – start climbing at 4:30 -5 am (estimated time for climbing is 6 h), reaching the peak (Specified time for standing on mountain top is 10-20 min), Returning to the third camp (2h), resting in camp, having lunch, sending backpacks to the second camp by mules, moving to the second camp (2 h), having lunch and rest, dinner;
  • Day 4: Having breakfast at 7 am, moving to the first camp in Rineh by car, having snacks – swimming and relaxing in a hot spa, having lunch in local restaurant, returning to Tehran.

Group Size and Fees

  • 1 pax: 890$ / 2 pax: 1250$
  • 3 pax: 1550$ / 4 pax(One car): 1750$

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